Saturday, August 11, 2012

Comparison swatch: Essie No More Film v. OPI Roadhouse Blues

Are you ready for another comparison?? Recently I showed you my swatch of Essie No More Film, an indigo blue I absolutely adore. I was reluctant to purchase NMF for quite a while because I was convinced it was an absolute 100% dupe of OPI Roadhouse Blues, another beautiful indigo blue creme. But like most of my attempts at resisting polish purchases, I eventually gave in and purchased No More Film. I did however resolve to do a comparison of the two since I have so far been unsuccessful in finding one. The lack of a comparison of these two polishes is one of the reasons I resisted and put off purchasing the Essie in the first place.

Now that I've shown you my swatch of No More Film after using it under some nail art, I'm happy to bring you my very own handy dandy comparison with Roadhouse Blues. I hope it helps if you're unsure which color you want to purchase.

The first photo (below) I have for you is a quick snapshot I took outdoors when arranging my bottle shot, it shows one coat of each polish with NMF on my index and ring fingers and RHB on my middle and pinkie. My ring finger shows clearly the thinner nature of OPI Roadhouse Blues and that there is a purple undertone to the shade. Both polishes are extremely pigmented but I believe it is the nature of the OPI Pro Wide brush that caused a little bit of dragging, and the fact that RHB is just a tad bit thinner. Bottom line? You could get away with calling No More Film a one coat wonder. Roadhouse Blues unfortunately cannot say the same as it definitely needs two coats to cover the thin spots.

No More Film v. Roadhouse Blues:

In all honesty, before buying No More Film, I was absolutely positively convinced that these two polishes were 100% identical. After seeing the difference between the two at one coat my previous belief was on thin ice, but after seeing the side-by-side two coat comparison I am of a completely different opinion. They aren't the same! They are similar, however. In the photos below NMF is on my index and middle nails and RHB is on my middle and pinkie at two coats without a top coat. You can see that there is a difference in coloration/hue even if only slight. No More Film is slightly lighter and decidedly more blue while Roadhouse Blues is darker, and as we saw in the one-coat comparison, has a slight purple tint.

So who will reign supreme? I'm going to call this one on behalf of Essie No More Film! A one coat wonder trumps all as far as I'm concerned but I prefer the narrower Essie brush for applying such a pigmented polish. It simply allows for better control. Do you need both? No, not really. But if you love indigo cremes, why the hell not... they're both amazing.

Alright everyone, what do you think? Do you have either of these polishes? And if so, which do you prefer?


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