Thursday, August 16, 2012

Comparison swatch: Sation Power To The Purple v. OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI

Heyyyy, are you tired of my comparison swatches yet? If you are, I sincerely apologize but I've got another one to share. This time its Sation versus OPI! Remember how I said Power To The Purple was what I wanted OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? to have been? Well, its true even more so after swatching these two side by side. I'm not sure why I thought they were similar in the first place since they are different on so many levels. They're not different colors by any means, just no where close to being dupes for one another.

Power To The Purple is on my index and middle fingers while Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? is on my middle and pinkie, both are shown with two coats and no topcoats. Both PTTP and DYJLO (that's a bit of a mouthful even as acronyms, isn't it?) are full of golden shimmer but DYJLO's (Dutch Ya?) shimmer is less finely milled than PTTP. Also, Dutch Ya? is what I would call a more "earthy" purple and Power To The Purple looks like it has a thin layer of a royal purple jelly on top.

Which do I prefer? Sation wins! I prefer the vibrancy of Power To The Purple over the soft muted dustiness of Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? and Sations are soooo much cheaper.

Its funny how writing up a blog post makes me think of things that hadn't crossed my mind before and during swatching. Colors are constantly reminding me of places or more often, things. And I just realized that one of the reasons I may like Power To The Purple so much is that it reminds me of clematis flowers! Growing up my neighbors had a large vine growing up the side of their porch trellis and I remember those big beautiful blooms today as if I were standing right in front of them now. My dad has tried growing them along his front porch but they just never took off. Living in the desert makes me miss gardening. *le sigh*

Viticella clematis is bred
Image Source HERE.

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