Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Sation Swatches - with neons, and jellies, oh my!

Happy Hump Day, ladies and gents! How about some super bright, retina searing neon jellies from one of my new favorite brands, Sation? No, too early to look at colors this bright? Never! Just a warning, you might need some shades to read this post, because the colors I'm featuring are BRIGHT. Also, be sure to give Cynthia over at Of Life and Lacquer a big thank you for being my Sation enabler! Without her, none of this Sation love would be possible. <3

The nitty-gritty: all photos are shown with base coat but no top coat, I wanted to show the natural finish of the polish. Number of coats swatched varied with each polish.

One & Only Orange:

One & Only Orange is a neon tangerine jelly that covers well in three coats, but I used four in these photos since I nicked one of my nails during a cleanup attempt. This color reminds me of Zoya Coraline but I believe One & Only Orange is more neon and more pigmented. Where Coraline still showed VNL at three coats, One & Only Orange provides an excellent amount of opacity for a jelly! I had no problems cleaning this color off my skin and cuticles, and there was no staining upon removal. Formula was excellent, smooth and easily manageable on the nail. The Sation brush is wide but not so wide that it is slopping polish all over the place, a wide brush is nice for long nails since it holds more polish.

Hail To The Pink:

Hail To The Pink is a neon pink jelly polish that I consider to be an "electric strawberry." Do you see it? Its pink but not quite red enough to be considered a coral, so electric strawberry it is! I used four coats for this swatch and you can still see a little visible nail line. You could, if you wear shorter nails, get away with wearing only three coats. Formula on Hail To The Pink is just as good as One & Only Orange, only less pigmented and more a true jelly. Removal was easy and no staining occurred.

Class Flirt:

Now this is what I call a coral! Class Flirt is a neon coral jelly-creme that I have a habit of calling an "electric watermelon." Can a color be "electric" without being neon? This is something I've always wondered... For this swatch I used three coats but two would be acceptable on shorter nails. Class Flirt dries to more of a satin finish than either One & Only Orange and Hail To The Pink did, but it also has a thicker formula. More neon pigment, perhaps? Interestingly, the first coat of Class Flirt was completely pink! Also worth noting, since this polish is more pigmented I had to work a little harder to clean this out of my cuticles and off my skin. Good news is, there was no staining.

Fan The Flames Fuchsia:

Oh, fuchsia... the color almost no one can spell without google. That's ok, I know how to spell you and I still love you. <3 My method of choice? Dirty words "hooked on phonics." It works, people! lol

Fan The Flames Fuchsia is the one true creme out of the four swatches I'm showing today. I used two coats and as you can see there is no VNL, so it covers well.  The formula is good and the color is saturated but it dries to a satin finish so top coat is definitely needed for this beauty to shine. I had no problem removing Fan The Flames Fuchsia and there was no staining. Win!

Overall, I have nothing negative to say about these four polishes! I love each and every one of them and plan on dragging them out in the dead of Las Vegas' chilly winter. Don't laugh, but when its in the triple digits for half the year, 40 and 50 degree weather is too cold!  I've lived in much colder climes so I know how ridiculous this really sounds, but if anything know that it gets very blustery in these parts during winter. So it isn't a pleasant 50 degrees.

Wow! I really got to rambling again... lol Be sure to come back tomorrow for a gradient I put together using all four of these Sation beauties! Any thoughts on these swatches, have I driven you to an online purchasing spree yet?


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