Monday, August 20, 2012

MSMD - "Abstract Geometric Nails"

Good morning lovelies, I hope you're all having the perfect Monday morning! I am in recovery mode from yesterday afternoon's bridal shower and bbq. No amount of discussing the guest list can really prepare you for just how many people will actually flood into your home when you host an event like this. We must've had around 40 people over yesterday, including some young'uns that tagged along. One minute my house was clean and sparkling, then I turn around and we're fully decorated and guests are showing up all over the place! Even though my nerves were frayed the party was a success and I'm happy to have been able to host the shower for my friend, she deserved it.

Because I'm sluggish today and all I really want to do is to cuddle up on my couch with a cup of coffee and my leopard print snuggie (yes I have one and I love it) and do some reading. Or channel surfing. Or Downton Abbey marathoning. Ya know, the perfect "I'm not going anywhere" Monday. :) My point is really that today's MSMD post will be short and sweet! Because I can't stop thinking about my snuggie. lol

Today's MSMD manicure was inspired by a google hunt I did a while back when I was feeling a creative block. I stumbled upon a tutorial post circa 2010 posted by an Indian beauty blog, Indian Makeup & Beauty Blog for an "abstract geometric design." Her version was blue, black, and silver but in the spirit of wanting autumn to hurry up and get here I decided to play with a few cremes and glitters from the China Glaze On Safari Collection. I used Kalahari Kiss as my base color then free handed Desert Sun and Prey Tell on my tips. I finished the design using a striping brush and alternated I'm Not Lion and I Herd That for my glitter accents.

I thought I'd share with you guys the pre-glitter version since I liked it just as much on its own. What do you think, do you prefer the look with or without glitter? The glitter version makes me think of argyle, in an abstract way. Overall I'm really happy with how this design turned out and I'll be doing it again for a full mani in a few months. I'm also pretty damn proud of myself for free handing my tips. Because I hate tape. Ok, I don't hate tape it just causes me way too much stress and aggravation. :)

Alright ladies and gents I'm off to my couch to reply to all of yesterday's comments, catch up on my blogroll, and whatever else I feel like. Oh, my God. Can you tell how flippin' excited I am to just sit on my couch!?

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