Monday, August 27, 2012

MSMD - I've been FRAMED!

Good morning everyone, I hope your Monday is going swimmingly! I'm on campus this morning so I've got a few hours of introductions and syllabi overviews ahead of me before I get to come home and finish scrubbing my house squeeky clean (this means mopping, blech) and sparkly all over for the incoming in-laws. *stress* Honestly, I forgot they were coming in Tuesday evening until the Mr. reminded me, thanks. I suppose its better than finding out Monday night!

Let's move on to the manicure, shall we? Hooray, its Monkey See Monkey Do Monday!

This week, rather than highlight a particular blogger I decided to try my hand at a style of nail art I've been wanting to give a whirl for quite a while - The frame mani. Only, since I drank half a pot of coffee before doing my nails I decided to try the version using my dotting tools. Which btw, is still pretty difficult when you can't get your hands to stop shaking! You'll notice some of my dots are larger than others, don't blame me... blame my caffeine addiction. :) Oh, and apparently I wasn't very meticulous with my polish clean up either since I didn't notice the extra polish on my skin until I was editing my photos. D'oh!

For this look I used three coats of OPI Did It On 'Em ('cuz its so damn sheer!) and used OPI Roadhouse Blues for my frame dots. I intended to do a reverse accent nail but somehow spaced it when I was prepping my base color. Oh yeah, I was moving my snowboards out of my office and into a coat closet. I'm amazed I didn't wreck this mani before it started! lol Next time I try this I want to use Did It On 'Em again but a lighter color blue, as it is now you can't tell my frame dots are blue at all. They look black!

Now tell me, have you tried the frame manicure or this version? I really like how this turned out and I'm sad to take it off for my Teal Tuesday mani! Oh, and this look really shows how high arching my c-curve is on certain nails. At certain angles you can't see the dots on the side!

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