Monday, August 13, 2012

MSMD with my tribute to Fingers Polish Mania!

Good morning! The weekend has ended again, too soon as always, and we're all back to the weekly slog through work and chores and various other boring adult miscellany. In just a few weeks I'll be dragging my self back to campus to complete my final semester of my bachelor's degree. I'M EXCITED! To get it all over with and move on with my adult life, that is. :) Not so much for 10 am statistics. Blech.

With a new week's Monday comes another installment of Monkey See Monkey Do! This week I want to feature a blogger who's blog is one of the first I read in the morning, a lady who kills it with the stamping and layering combos... I'm talking about none other than the fabulous miss Fingers Polish Mania! The color combos she chooses are consistently good and her stamping skills make me genuinely jealous, I highly suggest you check out her blog. She even shows pictures of her adorably plump kittehs occasionally. *squee*

Fingers is also known for her love of brown nail polish, use of indie brands, holos, and funky french tips. Since she's done such a bang up job of converting me to the "brown side" my MSMD mani is a combo of brown, an indie holo, a reverse accent nail, stamping, and funky french tips! I even tried to copy some of her photo styles, but damn it if they aren't harder than they look!

I used OPI I Brake For Manicures, a plummy brown creme from last fall's OPI Touring America Collection, and Darling Diva Polish in Celine - a well pigmented linear brown holo. My stamping plate of choice was Cheeky - Ch7 and I did reverse stamps before adding Finger's signature funky french tips.

Alright ladies and gents, tell it to me straight... what do you think? I say, I was surprised that both Celine and I Brake For Manicures stamped so well!

Check out the other wonderful participants in MSMD Mondays!


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