Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My first Sations! And some scenery from the great outdoors.

Happy Wednesday everyone, I've got something to show you today I've heard many good things about over the last month and I'm happy to report I agree! Today I'm showing you two Sation polishes (in the new bottles) that I just had to have after seeing swatches on Cynthia's blog, Of Life and Lacquer. She really is one of my biggest polish enablers. But all's fair, since I do the same for her. Its a cycle.

So, a while back Cynthia showed swatches of two Sations from the California Gleamin' Summer 2012 LE Collection and I knew I had to have them. Check out my swatches and you'll see why!

Oh My Oceania:

Oh My Oceania is a beautiful aqua polish with bright blue shimmer that lights it from within. I think this technically falls into the teal category (imo) but then again, I'm biased. If this looks familiar or is ringing any alarms in your head, it is because this beauty looks awfully similar to the RBL Fan Collection shade Aqua Lilly. The only thing it's missing is the pink shimmer! But, if you're like me (read: cheap) and can't really afford or justify a $20 bottle of polish then Oh My Oceania might just squish your lemming. If only a little. Hey, $20 is $20. I tend to draw my line at $14-16ish.

Here is two coats over top a base coat, followed by a quick slathering of top coat for extra shine. The brush is wide on this brand, similar to OPI, and the stem is quite long so it holds a good amount of polish. I actually had to wipe the brush a few times and watch out for drips that seemed to come from nowhere. Application was good and this color flows smoothly, if just a little thin.

Power To The Purple:

Holy cow, Power To The Purple, I love you! This is what every purple should be. Deep, vibrant, and positively glowing. I would say that this purple is a red toned purple, similar to the outer petals on a fuchsia flower. Simply gorgeous... can you tell I like this color, a lot? Power To The Purple has very fine golden shimmer that sits deep within the polish and gives it a look similar to if you layered a purple jelly over top. This is what I wanted OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI to be. Now, I'm a happy happy girl. *squee*

Application of Power To The Purple was nearly identical to Oh My Oceania, meaning it was great. Again, I used a base coat, two coats of polish, and a top coat for shine. I had the same issues with the stem of the brush holding a lot of polish but by the time I got to playing with this beauty I figured out how to avoid the excess polish. Easy peasy!

Now, how about some cool stuff I saw at work yesterday? I was out in the middle of nowhere again but this time my work took me out to the Colorado River near the Eldorado Canyon/Nelson's Landing area. Nelson's Landing was a boat marina that was washed away during a flash flood of Eldorado Canyon in the mid 70's. A 22ft wall of water rushing down the canyon swept 38 vehicles, 23 boats, cabins, a restaurant, and general store in to the river. Its amazing to think that all of that disappeared so quickly! And it was all brought on by a cloud burst that dropped 3.12 inches of rain in the narrow canyon. Just crazy.

I added a jump for the pictures, check 'em out!

Eldorado Canyon

Nelson's Landing - what's left after the flood

Looking North up the Colorado River from the overlook

Looking South down the Colorado River from the overlook

After leaving the overlook I stopped to take some cool pictures of some old "junk" on the side of the road just outside of a little settlement called Nelson. There's an old abandoned mine, some restored buildings and some neat old cars/trucks. I think they even do canoe rentals to play down on the river!


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