Friday, August 31, 2012

Nails inc - Franklins Row: What I wore to the bridal shower!

Happy Friday everyone! I've decided to slough off this week's stress monster and just relax. Sure, I've got some reading to do but I've got a few hours to kill during out drive up to Utah today and a few more on our way home come Monday. Oh... did I also mention we'll be stopping at a Cracker Barrel for lunch tomorrow!? OMG I love that place even though I walk out of there feeling like a total piggy. It doesn't help that they give you enormous portions, enough food to fill you to your eyeballs! There isn't a Cracker Barrel in Las Vegas so we only get to nom when we go up to Utah. Also on this weekend's itinerary is a scenic drive through Cedar Breaks, a picnic in Zion, and various other off-road activities. Yay, nature!

So today, while I'm up at the crack of dawn making a Christmas Pie (its a kind of country style quiche, delish!) for our family breakfast, you all can enjoy my purdy nails. :) I'm showing you the mani I wore for the bridal shower I hosted a few weeks ago, Nails Inc. Franklins Row. This mani lasted me a whole week if you can believe it, and it wore like iron. I'm very pleased with the quality of this brand! This polish was very apropos for the event considering the wedding colors are violet and teal! I'll be wearing a teal dress along with three other bridesmaids and two ladies will be wearing purple dresses. I've already decided I'll be wearing this lovely on both my nails and toes for the wedding, the only thing left to figure out is what shoes I'm going to wear and what design or nail art to do!

These photos are showing two coats of Nails Inc. Franklins Row over base coat with the addition of Seche Vite for shiny-shine. Gawd, isn't this brilliant?? The first coat showed a dark berry colored base and the second coat really allowed the different dimensions of sparkle to come forward. There's a gorgeous blue shimmer running through Franklins Row that catches the light beautifully, and the big surprise of this polish is that there is a hint of duochrome! Can you see it? Its absolutely lovely. Formula was good, thin and very manageable with easy clean up. I didn't have any problem with shimmer fallout during clean up or removal but keep in mind that this removes like a microglitter. Those shimmery bits like to catch onto the cotton. I'm also happy to report there was no staining.

I hope all of you lovely ladies and gents have a spectacular holiday weekend, be sure to kick off your shoes and relax your feet! xoxox

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