Friday, August 10, 2012

On Safari dupe comparison - Jungle Queen vs. Naughty

Today I've got another dupe/comparison for you guys, its another China Glaze but this time from the On Safari Collection. The very first time I saw Jungle Queen swatches I thought it was verrrry similar to another dupe I had in my collection, Revlon Naughty. Naughty came out late last year around the holidays and I posted about it HERE at the end of December. Naughty is actually a re-promote of Revlon Perplex, under a different name of course (why do companies do this??). But Perplex isn't the original aubergine shimmer, Chanel Paradoxal is. And that's a color I don't have since it came way before my time as a polish lady.

Onward to the comparison! Revlon Naughty is on my index and middle finger while China Glaze Jungle Queen is on my middle and pinkie.

Revlon Naughty v. China Glaze Jungle Queen:

From what I can tell, the base colors of both polishes are nearly identical. The differences lie in the hidden shimmer! Jungle Queen's hidden shimmer is much more muted while Naughty either has more shimmer or its just brighter all around. Even in the lamp light photos you can tell the shimmer is brighter in Naughty. The formula for these two polishes was indistinguishable, both applied wonderfully.

So who wins? For shimmer payoff, Revlon Naughty wins this for me, but there's no telling if you can find this around anywhere anymore. It was a LE drugstore display and although I saw it around well after the holiday I'm not sure it is in regular displays or not. So if you can't find Naughty, and there's no way you'll pay the inflated price for Paradoxal if you can find it, I say go ahead and be happy with Jungle Queen.

What do you think, is there enough of a difference to care?

xoxo Jess


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