Friday, August 17, 2012

Pahlish - Toxic and Timeless

Happy Friday everyone! Today's going to be crazy busy for me and this weekend will fly by, no doubt. I've got to majorly clean house for a bridal shower I'm hosting at my house. One of my good friends is getting married in October so I'm glad that we can throw her this little shindig. There's going to be a bbq after the shower and all the men-folk are invited to that, it should be a fun day all around. So how about a pretty indie polish to start the day off right?

Pahlish Toxic and Timeless is a green leaning teal jelly with a mix of large gold and blue hex glitters, bar glitters, and some smaller hexes thrown in for good measure. I think there's even a hint of holo or iridescent glitter in there too, looking at the bottle shot above. I wore one coat of Toxic and Timeless over my Nails Inc Baker Street NOTW and it wore like iron for days!

Application was good but the jelly base is a little thick, not gloopy necessarily just thick. I didn't really have to manipulate the glitter on the nail or glop this polish on to place glitter but I did have to make sure that there were no bar glitters or otherwise up at the tips of my nails. The glitter did tend to migrate toward the tips with the brush strokes so I had to tweeze and snip a bar glitter or two after this dried. The good news about this polish is that I used Seche Vite over the jelly and it didn't shrink at all. I was very happy about that. Also, it didn't cause my base color to stain my nails as layering other glitters or jellies have been known to do to me. Removal was done with foil and wasn't too difficult, but I did leave my nails to soak a little longer than normal since large glitters like this can be a pain to remove.

Since the base of this glitter wonderland is a jelly, I swatched two coats for your viewing pleasure! Plus I thought it would be neat to see how awesome this looks on its own. There's tons of glitter floating in there and the thickness of the jelly gives it a lot of dimension. Can you believe how pigmented this is at two coats? A pigmented teal jelly = WIN.

I purchased Toxic and Timeless from Pahlish's Etsy Shop for $9.00 and it arrived safely and quickly! As a matter of fact it arrived just a few days after I placed the order. That made me very happy and was a nice surprise since the processing time prior to being placed out for delivery can be up to two weeks for some indie sellers. That's not the case for Pahlish, but be sure to read the shipping & processing details when deciding to purchase from a new indie brand. You can also find Pahlish on Facebook HERE.

So, what do you think? Is this an indie glitter you could see yourself wearing?

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