Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sation Neon Jelly Gradient!

Its Thursday and as promised, for your Sation viewing pleasure, I'm bringing you my gradient skittles! If it is at all possible, I believe that these gradient nails are brighter than my swatches were. Under LED lighting I had to hold my SV bottle so you could see the glowing colors, otherwise the Sation bottle of One & Only Orange was positively radioactive and too bright to see my nails if you can believe it!

This radioactive gradient was created using One & Only Orange, Hail To The Pink, Class Flirt, and Fan The Flames Fuchsia. Let me say for the record that gradients with jellies is a lot harder to do than I'd anticipated! I'll break it down by the nail:

Index: One & Only Orange and Hail To The Pink
Middle: Hail To The Pink and Class Flirt
Ring: Class Flirt and Fan The Flames Fuchsia
Pinky: Fan The Flames Fuchsia and One & Only Orange

For fun, and because I finally found a bottle of INM Northern Lights at a random Sally's Beauty Supply, I layered a single coat of Northern Lights over my Sation gradient. It isn't a look I normally go for but it was very sparkly!

Alright ladies and gents, what do you think? Which gradient nail do you like best? I liked my index and middle finger most. I want to try and use all four on a nail next, I think I'll try it over a white base to make it easier on myself! How about using Norther Lights? Are you a fan of sparkly top coats like this?


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