Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Stamping - Can't Wait For Fall!

Good morning lovelies, anything special planned this afternoon? Maybe, lounging on the couch? If so, I'm a smidge jealous. Today we're hosting a bridal shower and bbq so its busy, busy, busy around here! No joke, I've done 15 manis in the last three days trying to get my Sun/Mon/Tues challenge posts ready and stocking up on content. I kid you not, the week after next is a trifecta of stressful events. The new semester starts, in-laws are coming to visit, and hunny bunny might be called out of town for business. *stress* Alright, enough of my anticipatory venting... its polish time!

This week's Adventures in Stamping - Sunday Stamping Challenge turned out to be "Can't Wait For Fall." Which I find a little funny because I've been wearing vampy manis for the last few weeks just yearning for September and October and when I finally feel in the mood for some obnoxiously bright colors, the theme is AUTUMN! I admit, its a little amusing to me. :) And just so you're not surprised in January, you should know I'll probably be wearing brights and neons. It helps me fight off the SAD.

For my autumnal mani I wanted to do the cliched leaf stamp because last fall I didn't have any stamps and was envious of all the girls with pretty stamped leaves. It turns out that even with the four stamping sets and a jumbo plate I have now, I still don't have the stamp I want. Bogus. So I made due with the stamp on BM 316 that looked pretty close to leaves. What you see is two coats of SOPI 212-Sephora double stamped with BM-316 using Essie Very Structured and China Glaze Cross Iron 360. I don't know about you ladies, but I think it turned out pretty damn spectacular! The orange flakies in 212 look like falling leaves off of the tree!

So how did I do, does this make you think of jumping in leaf piles? Man, I hate raking leaves. I'm glad we don't have any to rake here in my neck of the woods, but I sure do miss the beautiful colors that come along with the changing of the seasons!

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