Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Stamping with Nubar Reclaim or "Tuggin' on my heart strings."

Good evening ladies and gents! This post is coming a little late today because I've been glued to the tv watching the last season of Hell on Wheels since the season premier is tonight. This is also late because I've been ho-humming about manis and nail art all weekend, its waffle city in here. I love waffles, just not when I can't make up my mind about flippin' anything. So frustrating.

This week's Adventures In Stamping - Sunday Stamping Challenge was to use two different stamps in one manicure. Originally I wanted to do a layered look but just couldn't make up my mind, I've got 60 or so new plates lying around and can't decide on anything! Plus I didn't want to take of Nubar Reclaim, the mani I've been wearing all week. Its the best damn green holo on the planet! And that's not just me being dramatic, even though I usually am when describing how awesome things are. I just get overly excited about things, you should see me playing board games.

Onward to the point, Jessica! This week's Sunday Stamping was completed using my very first, and most coveted Konad plate - m83 - and Konad special polish in Violet Pearl.

One of the very first stamping manis I saw when I started reading nail blogs was this image, I thought the little heart (ballons?) were so delicate. I can't believe I waited so long to hunt it down because it makes me happy to wear the design. Even though you can tell I didn't quite get them all stamped properly. My middle nail looks like some balloon hating bandit came along and snipped all the heart strings!


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