Friday, August 24, 2012

Zoya Gloss Trio - Layering Combos!

Happy Friday ladies and gents, are you ready for the weekend? I sure am, but only because its my last hurrah before school starts. I tell ya, I'm so glad this is my final semester because I'm wore out on book learnin'! Who am I kidding, I have future plans of grad school. I must be a glutton for punishment. Although I'm not looking forward to the workload I've got stacked up this semester I am excited about two of my classes, Soil Classification and Resource Management and GIS for Land Use Management. It will be tough, but I'm EXCITED! Knowing how to use GIS software will be a valuable skill.

Ok, enough about schoolwork. Let's get to the good stuff, polish! Today I'm showcasing the Zoya Gloss Trio, one of the three sets of polishes in Zoya's fall lineup, the 2012 NYFW Designer, Diva and Gloss Collection. The Gloss Trio is a trio of jellies intended for layering over top of a base color or as you saw in my last Teal Tuesday post, these jellies can be used for making jelly sammiches!

The trio of jellies consist of Katherine, a "dark red-toned aubergine;" Paloma, a "deep fuchsia-berry;" and Frida, a "dark, warm-toned teal blue."

Instead of doing simple swatches with three to six coats to reach opacity, or something close to it, I opted to show you some layering options I came up with to give you an idea how each of these jellies enhances the base color its applied over. Paloma and Katherine were layered over Zoya Kimber and Orly Oui and I opted for a side-by-side comparison of the two so their differences could be contrasted. Frida was layered over Zoya Zuza and Orly Sweet Peacock, each individually. For all swatches I used one coat of gloss over two coats of the base color.

Paloma & Katherine over Zoya Kimber:

Over the bright pink and golden shimmer of Zoya Kimber, Paloma and Katherine are clearly different and provide very different effects. Paloma is hardly a noticeable change from the base color of Kimber, it serves as more of a color enhancement in this case giving Kimber a candy coat. Katherine on the other hand, completely changes the look of Kimber and transforms it into a candy coated deep berry-toned red. It reminds me of candied apples, actually.

What are your thoughts, do you prefer the subtlety of Paloma over Kimber or the complete change Katherine provides? I think Paloma is more of an enhancing gloss, giving other polishes a deeper look. Its Katherine that has the real transformative powers, perfect for transitioning a lighter more summery color to use in the Fall or for quickly changing up a mani when you don't have time for a complete nail makeover.

Paloma & Katherine over Orly Oui:

I hear that Orly Oui is a pretty spot on dupe for Zoya Daul, released as part of the Zoya NYFW Diva Collection. So I thought it would be a perfect choice to layer Paloma and Katherine over since I don't plan on picking up Daul any time soon. I loved Oui when it came out in last season's holiday collection and when I put it on the other night I remembered just how much! You can see my swatch (boy I've come a long way, haven't I!?) HERE. And you can check out Pointless Cafe's very helpful comparison swatch HERE.

Over the amazing golden shimmer and warm purple base of Orly Oui, Paloma and Katherine are less distinguishable than they were over Kimber but both still very pretty and different. The jelly finish of each serves to tone down the intense foil shimmer of Oui and my nails are positively glowing from within. I don't know if I can add much more to this commentary, simply because they are both so pretty! These pictures do the talking for sure. If I had to pick, I'd say I prefer the look of Paloma over Oui. Paloma gives Oui a more berry color while Katherine's effect is more of a wine color.

Frida over Zoya Zuza:

Zuza is an incredible silvery turquoise shimmer with a foil finish and I adore it, plain and simple. I showed you my swatches before and you can check them out HERE. The staining was pretty bad when I wore a glitter over top but I'm happy to say I didn't have any staining while swatching this time around. Frida turns out to be the perfect compliment to Zuza and the simplest way to turn a summer bright into a toned down fall shade. The difference is subtle but beautiful because Frida gives Zuza incredible depth, and Zuza's silver shimmer looks amazing under the candy coat of Frida. Love. Love. LOVE! A teal jelly... pure polish heaven!

Frida over Orly Sweet Peacock:

Orly Sweet Peacock is from the Birds of a Feather Collection and as it turns out, I've never shown it here on the blog! Don't worry, that will be remedied soon with swatches. Sweet Peacock is a royal blue foil that every blue polish lover should own, its simple and perfect. As a color, Sweet Peacock is so vibrant that it unfortunately didn't work that well as a base color for Frida.  Its just too hard to see a true difference in color. I should have done side-by-side nails to show you what it looks like with and without Frida. Hindsight is great, isn't it? But don't fret, Frida gave Sweet Peacock a beautiful glow! Its a very pretty combo but very subtle so I'm not sure if I'd combine the two again.

Whew, that was a lot to cover! And lots and lots of pictures. So tell me, which layering combo did you prefer? Do you have any other layering suggestions you would like me to try?


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