Monday, September 10, 2012

31 Inspired Days of Nail Art!

Or, as I'd suggested to my fellow challenge participants: "Super Mega-Fancy 3 Month 31 Day Untried Nail Art Mani-Fest 3000"

Good morning my favorite-est lovelies on the internets! I'm so chipper this morning because I'm bound and determined to get over the massive-mini stress breakdown and pity party I threw myself last night. I had what I would consider a "freak-out" last night. I didn't get to post all weekend because I'm in that life-is-taking-over mode right now and let me tell you, its no fun. My goal is to get through this morning's required school-time activities so I can come home, pour myself a glass of wine, and have some major ME time. Its making my day already, I can tell!

Since I'm in the thick of things right now (and have oodles of free time), I decided to join up with a few of my best polish friends to do one of those 31 day challenges that you've probably seen floating around the blogosphere lately. Everyone's doing it! Only since we're special, we changed things up a little bit. Instead of daily postings we'll be posting our challenge manicures every three days so it isn't quite so stressful and grueling. Plus, this way we can post other neat stuff in between. We want to keep it fun! We also changed up a few of the challenges themselves, for funsies. Check out our fancy pants graphic:

Neat, huh? The other amazing participants include Alaina from The Little Canvas, Ave from Polish Pixelle, Cynthia of Of Life and Lacquer, and Nicole from Polish me, Please! We're just a small group, but hopefully that will keep this fun and something we can enjoy together. To be completely honest, when I started this blog almost a year ago, I had no clue that I'd ever be able to do one of these challenges so I'm very excited.

I'll be doing my best to keep up with my Sunday Stamping, MSMD, and Teal Tuesday challenge manis but I can't give a full blown guarantee. I'm going to try and combine them for days in which challenge days might overlap. Otherwise, I might be headed into double-posting days! Eeek! Now, I'm off to pour myself another cup of coffee and get ready for my day. Cheers!

PS. Don't forget to enter my "Back to School" Giveaway for a Zoya NYFW Gloss Trio!
Ending: 9/21/12


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