Monday, September 17, 2012

Comparison Swatches - Zoya Song and FeiFei

Happy Monday my lovelies. On Friday I showed you my swatches of Zoya Song and FeiFei from the NYFW Diva Collection. Well today I've got comparisons! Comparison post are fun, and I'm glad I am finally able to give you guys more of them. When I first started reading nail blogs, they were my favorite type of posts next to collection swatches. I thought they were so useful in deciding whether or not to buy a certain color. Nowadays I'm much less stingy with my polish purchases, and you all get to benefit! Comparison posts are also fun for me because I get to see how diverse or how narrow my collection really is once I start digging through drawers to find possible dupes. FUN! Anyone else think so? No, just me? lol

For the record, all swatches are shown with basecoat but no top coat.

Zoya Song v. Zoya Talullah:

Since Song is such a beautiful blue, I thought first of my other beautiful blue Zoya, Talullah. I realized immediately that they weren't close to being dupes right off the bat but thought I would show the two side-by-side for comparison's sake. Let's think of Talullah as a benchmark.

On my pointer and ring fingers is Talullah and on my middle and pinkie, Song, both at two coats each. Talullah is thinner and less pigmented with much finer milled shimmer. Also, the shimmer in Talullah gives a more aqua light compared to the straight up blue of Song. Ultimately, Song is a staple for any collection - a solid navy blue shimmer.

Zoya Song v. Orly Stone Cold:

Now, I hear what you're saying already... neither one of these comparisons rooted out a dupe. But I suppose that wasn't my intention. Sneaky, huh? :) Orly Stone Cold is nearly identical navy blue in color to Song, but the texture is way off!

I used two coats of Stone Cold on my pointer and ring fingers and two coats of Song on my middle and pinkie. Stone Cold is a glass-fleck in a blue jelly base while Song is a straight up shimmer, no comparison really. Its the color that matters here, but as far as texture is concerned, Stone Cold positively radiates light reflected off of all those little blue glass flecks. For the record, Song has the better formula.

Zoya FeiFei v. Crystal:

For my comparison between Zoya FeiFei and Crystal I used three coats each. Two suffices for good coverage, but I like three on microglitters generally as a rule of thumb. The difference between these two polishes is obvious right off the bat, Crystal has only bright blue and gold microglitter while FeiFei is all over the place with blue, gold, copper, and some pink for good measure. Crystal has a thinner and grayer translucent base than FeiFei's blue base.

There ya go! What do you think, was this post helpful at all or do you prefer comparisons that are closer to dupe status? Personally, I like seeing how new polishes I bring home compare to things I already have even if they're aren't 100% dupe city. But let me know what you like to see and I'll be happy to oblige! Any other comparisons you might like to see?

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