Monday, September 3, 2012

Jessica Cosmetics Barely Blueberry. Or, "blueberry fluff."

Good morning and happy Labor Day! We're on our way home today but won't be back in town until late this evening I believe. Until then be happy and I will be too, we're in Zion today!

Today's featured polish is from Jessica Cosmetics, Barely Blueberry, a gift from the incredible Cynthia at Of Life and Lacquer. A while back she swatched the Gelato Mio Summer Collection and after I raved about Barely Blueberry and lamented my inability to find these polishes in Vegas, she sent me a surprise bottle! *squee* I was so happy! Barely Blueberry is the closest I've come to squishing my lemming for OPI What's With The Cattitude. This is also the polish I used in my very first MSMD post, my cloud mani tribute to Nailside.

For the base of my fluffy cloud mani I used three coats of Jessica Barely Blueberry. Two coats are just shy of perfect coverage and the third gave this mani a squishy quality that I love. Its a creme but has a little extra! Formula was a little thin, slightly watery, but it was easy to manipulate and didn't gunk up or take forever to dry with the extra coats. Also, the thin brush made for excellent control. Look how close I got to my cuticles, that almost never happens!

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