Sunday, September 2, 2012

Nubar Reclaim, need I say more?

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Since I don't have a Sunday Stamping post prepared for you guys I thought I'd show you my swatch of Nubar Reclaim, the polish I wore under my "Two Different Stamps" mani a few weeks ago! I don't think Reclaim needs much of an introduction other than to say that it is, so far, the green holo to end all green holos. Do you really need another... is there another out there better than this? If so, send me a bottle and I'll make that determination. :) Nubar Reclaim also fulfilled my half-hearted lemming for Layla Hologram Effect in Emerald Divine. Yes, swatches of Emerald Divine look absurdly amazing, but the price point leaves much to be desired. For now I am content and Reclaim satisfies my green holo lovin' heart. <3

I used two coats of Nubar Reclaim over regular base coat (no aqua base or buffing required) and added a coat of Seche Vite for protection, which btw didn't do a damn thing to lessen the glorious linear holo effect. Yes, marvel at its beauty. This mani lasted a full week before I added my stamping, so here are some field shots I took before my internship ended! I took these pictures after about four miles of off-trail hiking while doing a plant survey for relocation along a proposed fence line. I was hot and tired. And hot. lol

So tell me, are there any green holos I need to check out that might match the awesomeness of Nubar Reclaim? What about the Jade brand, or Brazilian holos?

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