Friday, September 7, 2012

Sometimes I suck at stamping.

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you are having an excellent day. I, for one, am so glad this week is over. Its an amazing feeling to have my house back to myself again! Have you ever got so behind on life that it feels like you'll be digging your way out forever? That's how I'm feeling lately. Whine, whine, whine! lol Nothing's ever as bad as it seems after its all over, but for now I'm getting all sad face whenever I look at the pile of laundry needing attention. Wow, I'm way too complainy today! How about some cheerful stuff?

Today I'll be helping a friend out and picking up some extra cash while I'm at it, which is super awesome since I'm currently unemployed! She's a massage therapist so I'll be helping out at the spa. Have you guys ever had a professional massage? OMG, its amazing and addictive. I've literally called my girlfriend up after a bad day to see if she's got a spot open for me, and let me tell you that I don't have a clue what could possibly be better than a full body hot rock massage after a shitty day!

Oh, and we'll be going out tonight! Its First Friday in Vegas this weekend and we'll be taking part in the festivities. Mostly we'll be at one of my favorite Irish bars snacking on amazing food, chugging beers (ok, maybe not chugging), and listening to some great music. Double date night! ...with Irish nachos. mmmmm.

Ok, are you here for polish or what??

Today you guys have the misfortune of witnessing what I consider to be a complete and total stamping fail. Womp, Womp. My base polish is two coats of Sation Fan The Flames Fuchsia, an amazing fuchsia creme. Seriously, its to die for. Go get it. NOW. I stamped using Konad Sky Blue Pear and Bundle Monster plate BM-322. For some reason I can't figure out, I can't seem to get a good transfer of the design from my stamper to my nail. The stamper picks up the design well enough from the plate but half gets left on the stamper. So aggravating. I'm beginning to wonder if it is my stamper since its one I got in a Salon Express kit at CVS. I don't have a Konad stamper so I can't know if the pads are different materials or what. I recently got a LeaLac gigantor stamper to go with the jumbo plates I got, so hopefully I'll see some better results.

Someone, please tell me why I seem to avoid buying the cheapest of things when they're exactly what I need most?? lol Anyone else have this problem? Or am I the only one who spends more money avoiding something that the item itself would cost? I hope you guys have a great weekend!

xoxo J

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