Thursday, September 20, 2012

Teal Tuesday ...only its actually Thursday.

Good afternoon ladies and gents, I hope your Thursday is going spectacularly! Today's post is going to be quick and short but since I was unable to post this on Tuesday, you get to see it today. Woo hoo, excited? I've been exceedingly busy lately and perpetually behind on just about everything so I apologize for my somewhat erratic, every other day, posting. It doesn't help that I've been living out of a hotel this week while still maintaining my school schedule, commuting home to love up my puppies( they need to eat after all), and attending social functions in the evenings. Did I mention that my hotel charges $15 a day for Internet!? Nothankyouverymuch. I'd rather buy a cocktail!

Let's get to it, shall we?

So this week's Teal Tuesday theme was Something Sweet and while I managed to get this manicure done Monday night, it languished away in my draft folder until today. After I finished this I realized I could've done something super cute with the "spun sugar" technique or maybe some 3D sugar nails... Oh well, there's always next time. And I'm doing my 31 day challenge currently, so maybe you'll see either one of those techniques soon!

For this look, which at first glance might look simple, I used tons of stuff. To start I have a base color of two coats Essie Stylenomics (turns out its NOT a teal), two coats of a super secret Pahlish glitter (swatches coming soon!), and various stamps from Bundle Monster, Cheeky, and/or Mash using white Konad polish. White you say!? Yes, but I finished it all off with a healthy coat of my favorite and most versatile teal polish - Zoya Frida!

So what do you think, thoughts... Questions? Am I a bad blogger for posting this two days late? Please don't be mad, I love you guys! ❤ Oh Oh Oh!!! I can't believe I forgot, but my giveaway ends tonight, in less than 2 hours, so you better get on it if you haven't already! Just clickity click the picture in the upper right hand corner and you'll be taken to the rafflecopter widget to enter. I'll be out of town this weekend but will be able to verify entries Monday and make the announcement shortly thereafter.

Ps. I know I'm super tardy to the party (as Cynthia would say) but check out the other bloggers who participated I this week's Teal Tuesday challenge!


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