Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Merry Samhain! ...with Cirque All Hallow's Eve Collection

Merry Samhain fearless readers, or Happy Halloween!! Also, Happy Nevada Day. Wednesday is kind of a cruddy day for Halloween celebrations (at least as far as the adult-type booze-filled kind go), but back when I was a kid it didn't matter what day Halloween fell on because here in The Silver State we used to get the day off. How cool is that!? A few years back the state changed the rules on us all and now we observe Nevada Day and get a three day weekend, so most parties and what not happened last weekend. Not for me however, this year we've been too busy to get into the Halloween spirit. Not even a pumpkin on the front porch. Womp Womp. But, last year we dressed up as the Hamburger Helper hand - a spectacularly hand-made costume that we wore very briefly before taking off. MY GOD it was uncomfortable! lol

I hadn't planned on doing a holiday manicure for today, mostly because I'm always enduring some time crunch or another, but I played hooky today so I could have some me time. Sometimes you've just got to, for your sanity, ya know? Anyway, after doing a bunch of boring grown up stuff this morning I dug out my Cirque All Hallow's Eve duo (for the first time, sadly) and sat down to do my mani.


Cirque Colors All Hallow's Eve Collection for Halloween 2012 was a limited edition duo that consisted of a glow in the dark orange jelly, Kabocha, and a black shredded glitter in a clear base, Neko. For this manicure I layered three coats (for depth of color) of Kabocha over two coats of a white polish, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I layered it over white mostly because I didn't want any VNL but also because it helps with a better and brighter glow in the dark effect. Kabocha glows fluorescent yellow-green in the dark but I wasn't able to capture it on my camera. For reference, Chalkboard Nails has excellent photos of Kabocha's glow!

I layered one coat of Neko over several fingers on both hands, leaving a few fingers free for stamping. Neko is really neat and I like it a lot more than I'd expected to because it has square and tiny little hex glitters mixed in, in addition to the shredded bits! It also applies really well, no clumping or thick formula here. For my stamping I used BM-305 for my horny devil & tail and Mash-38 for Ms. Spider. Black Konad polish and my super squishy XL stamper also played a part in this mani. :)

For funsies, here's what Kabocha looks like before I added anything else. It dries semi-matte (satin?) and fairly quickly, but it is a jelly so when you layer it it takes a bit to dry through and through. Layering it over white really gives it a vibrant, lit from within look. So cool. As per usual Cirque custom, Kabocha and Neko are infused with lavender and clary sage essential oils. The scent, which I find soothing (and reminds me of balsam) lingers well after your polish dries - even after you've added several layers of top coat!

Unfortunately, and I'm sorry to tease you with this (but I'm pretty sure you all know by now), this duo was LE and sold out pretty quickly. Cirque Colors is a great brand in my opinion and my orders have all arrived quickly and well packaged so be sure to check out the Cirque Colors website and facebook page for info on current stock and updates.

Have fun tonight if you're taking little ones door to door, hiding at home watching Hocus Pocus, or attending a costume party! And be safe, call a cab if you need to. <3

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All That Glitters Boo-tique Collection - Skittle Swatches and Review!

Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday. I've been absurdly behind in swatching all my October goodies but the other evening I finally got to play with my new indie polishes, the All That Glitters Boo-tique Collection. Which, btw, I pre-ordered. So I'm doubly ashamed at how long it has taken me to play with these!

Kirsten's Halloween collection was my hands down favorite as soon as I saw her promo shots on facebook and the only indies I actually bought with a holiday/halloween theme. They're that awesome! The only one I didn't pick up was Hole Hearted Remix, I can't handle odd shaped glitters on my nails. I just pick them off, and they don't even last long enough for my top coat to dry! I'm getting off topic now, so let's get down to business!

I bought five out of six polishes from All That Glitters Boo-tique Collection, and they include: Fright Night, Pumpkin King, Walking Dead, Horror Business, and Witch Craft. I attempted to label my photo mashup, but didn't make them opaque enough to easily read, sorry guys! I'm playing with a new photo editor (super fun!). Also, check out the super cute heart shaped label stickers Kirsten uses. Aren't they adorable!? I love little touches like this.

Since I have been chronically short on time this month (one of my favorite polish months of the year, no less!) I put together skittles to showcase these amazing glitters. Five amazing glitters over cremes, on five amazing fingers! I'll give you a quick finger-by-finger run down of each polish and review wrap-up down below.

Thumb:  Fright Night (over Essie Very Structured) - Tiny and medium sized orange and purple metallic hex glitters as well as short metallic green bar glitter swimming in a sheer brown jelly. Can be worn alone at several coats or layered.

Index:  Pumpkin King (over Finger Paints Cordur-Orange) - Orange and black medium sized matte hex glitters, larger black hex, long black bar glitter, and tiny metallic orange glitters in a thick clear base. Definitely a layering glitter.

Middle:  Walking Dead (over OPI Skull and Glossbones) - Large and medium red metallic hex glitters, medium black hex, and tiny black and white hex glitters swimming in a heavy red shimmer all in a thick, clear base. Layering glitter all the way.

Ring:  Horror Business (over Orly Fresh) - Square and bar shaped metallic green glitters, small and tiny sized purple metallic hex glitter in a bright lime green jelly base. Can be worn alone at several coats or layered.

Pinkie:  Witch Craft (over Zoya Monica)  - Tiny orange metallic hex glitters swimming in a shimmery purple jelly. Can be worn alone or layered.

Overall, I was very pleased with this collection! I thought it had the best mix of colors in each polish as well as a whole collection. I'm also happy that there were three polishes that could be worn alone and not just layered. Formula varied greatly from super thick to absolutely perfect. Witch Craft (pinkie) had the best formula by far, followed by Horror Business (ring), and Fright Night (thumb). Pumpkin King and Walking Dead need some thinner but that'll have to wait because my bottles are so chock-a-block full of glitter I can't add thinner yet. I can't complain about that, really, now can I? :)

These polishes are still available for purchase so be sure to check out All That Glitters by Kirsten (the Mega Glitter Nail Polish Creator extraordinaire!), she has an incredible selection in her Etsy Shop and tons of pictures and info on her Facebook. She's got a fall/winter/holiday collection coming out soon, so be sure to stay tuned!

In other news:

My thoughts are a bit preoccupied today, I can't stop thinking about hurricane Sandy and how devastating it has been so far for the Eastern Seaboard. The farthest east I've ever lived is Pittsburgh, and I've never even been to the East Coast, but the pictures are absolutely heart wrenching and mind blowing at the same time. I can't imagine what it must be like. Scary. I hope that any of my readers out there who live in the area, are safe and sound. I hope the same for everyone who lives out there. <3

Friday, October 26, 2012

Color Club Port-folio: NOTD

Its FRIDAY!! And for that, we celebrate. :D This weekend I'll be going out into the wilderness with my geology class again but it will be fun, as always. Geology rocks! (punnnnn)

Anyway, today I'm going to show you the only polish I was interested in from Color Club's Fall 2012 In True Fashion Collection, an amazing violet purple with green duochrome shimmer, Port-folio. For my NOTD I wore two coats, these photos were taken pre-tc. The formula was great, no dragging or pooling, but as you can see Port-folio was slightly prone to brush strokes. Who cares, its gorgeous!

Have a great weekend everyone, and be safe if you're partying this weekend for Halloween!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

31 Inspired Days of Nail Art - Chevrons feat. Jindie Nails!

Good morning everyone, today I'm bringing you another "Better Late Than Never" installment of 31 Inspired Days of Nail Art, this time featuring Chevrons! Woooo Hoo! I really love chevrons (if you can't tell from this blog's background), but holy hell are they a pain in the ass to make on the nail. I've seen super awesome chevron stickers floating around the internets but I've never made myself buy them, so I always end up with terrible, lopsided chevrons! And today's no different.

What's different about today is that I decided two nails would be enough and called it a day at that! I thought some super awesome glitter from Jindie Nails would be the perfect accent, so we went halfsies. :) My base color is two coats of a killer dark cobalt blue jelly, L'Oreal After Hours, my chevrons are done in Essie Brazilliant, and the fabulous matte blue and orange glitter is Jindie Nails Chomp Chomp!

Chomp Chomp! is super cool because it is blue and orange! When I bought it I thought it was blue and red for some reason but nope, blue and orange and matte and amazing! What you see here is just one glitter laden coat over After Hours. I did fill in one or two blank spots on the nail for what I considered perfect coverage, but it didn't really need to be done. Even the large squares came out without fishing for them. Seriously, how did all that glitter fit in this tiny little bottle!?

Please, check out Jen and her amazing Jindie Nails creations! She can be found on Facebook HERE and her Etsy shop (which is almost always full when I check in) can be found HERE. You can also find Jen on Instagram: username - jindienails.

Don't forget to check out the other manicures done by the awesome ladies participating in this challenge with me! They get their manis done on time, so punctual! (and awesome!)

*One or more of the products featured in this post were graciously provided for review purposes.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Zoya NYFW Designer Collection - Swatches and Review

Wow, Wednesday already?? No biggie... Happy Hump Day! Today I've got another "better late than never" set of Fall 2012 swatches, four cremes from Zoya's NYFW Designer Collection. These colors have turned out to be excellent bases for some amazing indie glitters I've been hoarding over the last month or so. Get ready for those, they're coming up soon too!


Two coats of an amazing dusty eucalyptus creme, Evvie dried very shinny and had excellent pigmentation. Clean up was a breeze and I had no staining whatsoever. Score!


Two coats of this dusty blue creme, that reminds me instantly of a comfy pair of bluejeans, Natty could be a one coat wonder with careful application! Interestingly (I'm always intrigued by this), Natty dries slightly darker on the nail than it looks in the bottle. Again, easy removal and no staining.


Monica, the aubergine queen! Two coats of pigmented amazingness, Monica has an excellent formula and dries very shiny. Also, you may be able to see it in my LED lighting photos, but Monica dries markedly darker on the nail than in the bottle. Doesn't matter a bit, LOVE this color.


Toni, Toni, Toni... are you the red-headed step-child of this bunch? Two coats of this wine colored beauty applied much differently than the other three shades I've shown. The first coat was slightly patchy and the formula on Toni was a little thicker than the others. However, Toni's redeeming qualities include drying quickly and to a high shine that stays true to the bottle color. Totally makes up for it. :)

So, fearless readers... did you pick up any of these perfect cremes? Its collections like this, and consistent quality that makes Zoya one of my top favorite brands. These are great collection staples as far as I'm concerned, so go, get your hands on some if you haven't already!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OPI Germany Collection - Swatches and Review

Good morning everyone, I hope you're all having a marvelous Tuesday! I don't have any Teal Tuesday magical manicures to show off today so I figured I'd get my ass in gear and finally post my swatches of this fall's OPI Germany Collection. Well, at least the colors I managed to bring home before I spent myself broke at Ulta. :) Not joking, but I've got to put myself on a no-buy for a while. Or at least until I find more than a part-time, temporary job. Now, on with the show!

Don't Talk Bach To Me

Two easy coats with a great formula, not too thin or thick. Its actually very manageable for a yellow shade and is self-leveling. Amazing! Don't Talk Bach To Me also dries to a high shine, and if you ask me, the silvery-white super fine shimmer gives it incredible character. LOVE it. Bonus, no staining and easy removal.

Deutsch You Want Me Baby?

Two coats with a good formula, Deutsch You Want Me Baby? still manages to be a tad bit brush stroke-y. It isn't terrible though, and any brush strokes visible are made up by how quickly and shiny this shimmery red-orange dries. Best part? Removal is easy and there's no shimmer fall out.

Germanicure by OPI

Good lord, the garnet shimmer of Germanicure by OPI swims in a blackened base and just glows from within! OPI describes this shade as a burgundy shimmer (although I see garnet), and I used two coats. Formula was great, no brush strokes in this neighborhood, and cleanup was easy peasy. OPI definitely has shades like this and Every Month Is Oktoberfest down, pat!

Every Month is Oktoberfest

Two coats of blackberry shimmer in an indigo base, Every Month is Oktoberfest has a thin formula but it covered much better than I'd expected with the addition of the second coat! Clean up was a breeze, no issues were had with the indigo base whatsoever. Instant autumn classic!

Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue

Two easy coats with a thin formula that could, under the best of circumstances, cover well enough in a single coat! Instant brownie points for any polish that can give me decent coverage. I can't say that this is the most unique blue shimmer in OPI's collection of blues, but it is vibrant and can fill the slot of "staple" for any modest polish collection.

Nein! Nein! Nein! OK, Fine!

Two thin coats, covers well even with a thin formula. Watch out for cuticle flooding if not careful, but don't worry too much because clean up is so easy. This beautiful blackened olive creme dries quickly to a high shine and removes easily without staining. Yay! I love this shade, tres chic.

All right, fearless readers, I'm off to do some sort of scholarly pursuit... enjoy your day! Oh man, how I've missed posting regularly. It just makes me happy. :) It also helps that I'm simultaneously watching an episode of Game of Thrones (season 2) while writing this. Now, I've got some Halloween indies I've got to get up here soon! So many polishes and too little time... Cheers!

Monday, October 22, 2012

31 Inspired Days of Nail Art - Half Moons

Good morning everyone, happy Monday! I hope you're doing spectacular today. :) Myself, I'm just chugging along like the little engine that could! Let me ask you guys a question... Why is it that I can wake up at 4:30am and be wide away for two hours or so without the aid of coffee, but then if I fall back asleep I can't drag my ass out of bed until almost NINE!? Am I the only one this happens to? I can't be, but I just don't get it. If you can't tell, that's what happened to me this morning. Moving on!

Today I'm going to show you one of the manicures I did for the 31 Inspired Days of Nail Art Challenge that I'm sort of still participating in, half moons! This manicure was originally supposed to go live on the 10th of October but I didn't get a chance to do it until last Monday. Believe it or not, this bad boy is still on my nails today and going strong! Say, what!? Yep, that's right. Half moons hangin' tough!

For this manicure I used two coats of Nein! Nein! Nein! OK, Fine! by OPI, hole punch stickers as my half moon guides, a killer blackened peacock duochrome called Chic Reloaded by Essence Colour & Go, and Essie Stylenomics for the dots along the edges of my half moons. Um, can we just take a second here to gawk at the awesomeness that is the duochrome on Chic Reloaded?? I was fully planning on being disappointed by the duochrome on this polish when I plucked it off the shelf at Ulta the other day, but OMG I'm so pleased! A bonus here, is that I bought this and four other spectacular looking Colour & Go polishes for only $5. I used my $5 off $10 coupon wisely, I'd say!

Ooooooh, look! An outdoor shot! This pose actually reminds me of the pose used by one of my favorite bloggers, Jessika from Polish Insomniac. She always takes the best outdoors photos! For some reason I just couldn't get the duochrome shift to show up at all in my outdoor photographs, but these shots do a great job of showing off the steel gray base shimmer of Chic Reloaded. Sooo purdy.

So there you have it, ladies and gents, my super late half moon manicure for my challenge. I lurved it! Please check out the other amazing bloggers who did even better than I (because they did it on time!):

Friday, October 19, 2012

Gilded Lily - Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

Good morning fearless readers and HAPPY Friday! I'm 75% done with midterms so I'm feeling pretty good today, plus, I spent last night marathoning the last season of Supernatural before watching Thursday evenings' spectacular programming. Not only did I veg out on the couch, I finished editing a boatload of photos! YAY! That includes photos of today's manicure, the spectacular Gilded Lily - a LE Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. Ready for the deets? Let's go!

For this manicure I used three coats of Gilded Lily and these photos show no topcoat. The formula was thin and manageable. Gilded Lily has a clear base absolutely flooded with a warm, almost bronzy, gold glass fleck type of microglitter. I absolutely adore this polish, it reminds me of antiqued gold. So pretty.

What I didn't like was the flat, paddle style brush and wand. It barely fits through the neck of the bottle! But I suppose this is just personal preference, it delivered polish well enough to the nail. In fact the wand itself holds all the polish you need for several nails! However, the stumpy, flat, paddle brush didn't give me a whole lot of control around my cuticle area and the edge of my nails. I just didn't feel like I could control the flow of polish very easily and ended up scrubbing gold glitter off my skin.

With all that being said, I still love this color and I'm glad I bought it. In fact, its my first Complete Salon Manicure and brush issues aside I'm glad I bought it. Plus, Gilded Lily is supposedly a dupe or near dupe to OPI Goldeneye! Which is good news for anyone who was out searching for this LE polish and had no luck. When I get my hands on a bottle of Goldeneye I'll be sure to do a comparison for you guys.

So, what do you think of Gilded Lily? Did you manage to snag a bottle or are you just waiting for Goldeneye?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One lonely polish from Bikini So Teeny!

Good morning and happy Wednesday everyone, today I've got another quickie for you! Boy, let me tell you... I cannot wait for this weekend. I just want to snuggle on the couch and sip hot chocolate. I only wish Las Vegas weather would cooperate and we could actually have an autumn! So, most likely there will be no hot cocoa. Sad Face. Moving on, shall we?

Today I've got the only polish I bought from this summer's Bikini So Teeny collection from Essie, the collection namesake, Bikini So Teeny! Bikini So Teeny is a powdery cornflower blue with a very fine silver shimmer of the variety that is barely visible. I absolutely adored this polish even though it was somewhat sheer and temperamental during application. What you see here is two coats, so I'm happy with coverage.

So there ya have it folks, another one from the vault! I've got a stack of 'em ready to go and even more in various stages of editing. Now... off to study for a quiz in my geology class. OH, and lunch with my mama and seeester this afternoon!

Cheers, fearless readers! xoxo

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ruffian with Rodeo - ChG Rodeo Fanatic and Elephant Walk

Happy Tuesday everyone! I've been super bummed about not being able to do my nails in forever, and not being able to blog either really... Sooooo I decided to just say to hell with it and kill a few precious minutes blogging instead of mindlessly scrolling through Jezebel and Huffpo articles. Yay! I'm also fairly up to date and ahead of schedule with my school work so I don't feel guilty. :D

Today's manicure is actually an oldie, who's sadly been stuck in drafts for ages, I did a ruffian with China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic and Elephant Walk. To toot my own horn here, I'm pretty proud of my free-handed ruffians! Next time I do one I think I'll add some dots too, but for now, lets just enjoy this together.

What do you guys think, have you tried a ruffian yet? They're so much easier than they look, I promise!

So here's the dealio, folks: I'm obviously not keeping up with the posting schedule for the challenge I'm participating in. But I do have manicures done. I decided that not posting anything else because I'm not able to post my challenge manis on time is just bogus and we're all suffering. I know, first world problem all the way. So, since nail polish is my catharsis I've decided to just go with the flow. I'm on a never ending quest to not be stressed about stuff I shouldn't be stressed about and the last thing I want to do is stress about my nails or this blog. Again, I love all my fearless readers and I thank you all for sticking around while I straighten everything up around here! <3

OMG I ALMOST FORGOT!! Today is also Teal Tuesday! I'm not participating in the group challenge today but at least I posted teal. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just a quick note!

Hello everyone, happy hump day! I've got just enough time today to stop and let you all know that life is super hectic right now and even though I've got a stack of drafts lined up, I just haven't been able to find the time needed to type everything up. It makes me sad to not be able to post all the stuff I want to, and as frequently as I'd like, but I've decided to not let it stress me out. I just can't, for my sanity. My "me" time just disappeared after this semester started but I'm hoping that by working to catch up a little at a time that soon I'll be able to dig my way out of all this boring grown-up stuff I have to do.

I love all you guys, thanks for sticking around. <3



PS. Enjoy this puffin!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 Inspired Days of Nail Art - Gradient Nails

Good afternoon, fearless readers! I hope you've had a spectacular weekend. <3 I've been camping all weekend in Central Nevada along the Utah border for my geology class. Science is awesome. :) I'll give you a full run down soon, but for now I'm not even sure if I'll be home by the time this post goes live. That's right folks, I'm talking to you from the past. WOoOoOoo! Creepy, no? What I mean to say is that this installment of our 31 Inspired Days of Nail Art has been scheduled in advance.

If you haven't guessed it by now, Day #10 is Gradient Nails! Today isn't my best gradient of all time but I liked it anyway and I used three new polishes from the China Glaze Wicked Collection. Yay Halloween!

For this gradient I applied two coats of China Glaze Roguish Red, which btw is totally orange, and sponged on Bizarre Blurple after covering the tips a little using the brush. Then I sponged on Make a Spectacle, an iridescent glitter/shimmer that's a cross between Snow Globe and White Cap. Honestly, this makes me think of those black/brown/orange or multi-colored candy corns. Mmmmmm candy corn. I'm going to be good and not buy a bag this year. Otherwise I'd just hoark it down as fast as humanly possible.

Please check out the other bloggers who are participating in this challenge with me, I love the stuff they come up with!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Inspired Days of Nail Art - Metallic Nails

I like goooooooooooooooooooold!!

Let me tell you, fearless readers, that I could not get that phrase out of my head while painting these nails! Its funny that Goldmember actually creeps me out, but I can't stop saying, "I like goooooold!" lol Today's post is Day #9 of our 31 Inspired Days of Nail Art and today's challenge is Metallic Nails, are you ready?

For my manicure I used two coats of Essie Penny Talk from the recent Mirrored Metallic collection and three coats of my one and only Lynnderella, Change. I picked up Change. before the empire fell and don't regret it a bit, and drama aside I really love this glitter. I truly wish the brand hadn't gone to hell in a handbasket because I still drool over some of Lynnderella's vintage glitters. With that being said, you won't be seeing me rush over to eBay any time soon.

So, nothing fancy for today's manicure unless you're like me and consider blindingly blingy and gaudy gold nails fancy. Yep, I bring the cheese folks. :) Check it out, we're almost a third of the way through the challenge... woooo! Please be sure to check out the other amazing bloggers who are participating in this challenge with me, they come up with some genius stuff!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nails inc new Burlington place

Good morning everyone, and happy hump day! I hope you're all having a wonderful Wednesday. :) Today I've got a quickie to show you what I'm wearing on my left hand. Yep, its lefty! I also have a confession to make. I frequently walk around with my four photographed fingers having a different "manicure" than the rest of my fingers. Am I the only one, here? I'm betting not. Like every other grown up out there trying to balance school, work (if I could find any), and home life I really only get to give myself a true ten-fingered manicure once a week - if I'm lucky! So I four-finger swatch a lot or try to coordinate certain nail art for my NOTW.

Now you all know my dirty little blogging secret. :) Seriously, I go off on these tangents and get way off topic... my point to all of that was that today's post is to show you what I'm wearing on my left hand while also wearing yesterday's B&W nail art. This week's choice for lefty is Nails Inc New Burlington Place, a gorgeous autumnal shimmer with an amazing orange duochrome. I scored this beauty from a swap. Score! I used two coats, formula was thin but covered well.

Here's an extra, nice and big so you can marvel at this gorgeous duochrome. The color shift isn't shy either, its obvious under most lighting.

Tell me, any more suggestions for Nails Inc polishes? Anyone interested in swaps? (I swapped this because I didn't want to purchase it from ebay) Know what Nails Inc I'm really lemming... Covent Garden Ballet.

PS. Taking photos of lefty is difficult and awkward. :)


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