Monday, October 22, 2012

31 Inspired Days of Nail Art - Half Moons

Good morning everyone, happy Monday! I hope you're doing spectacular today. :) Myself, I'm just chugging along like the little engine that could! Let me ask you guys a question... Why is it that I can wake up at 4:30am and be wide away for two hours or so without the aid of coffee, but then if I fall back asleep I can't drag my ass out of bed until almost NINE!? Am I the only one this happens to? I can't be, but I just don't get it. If you can't tell, that's what happened to me this morning. Moving on!

Today I'm going to show you one of the manicures I did for the 31 Inspired Days of Nail Art Challenge that I'm sort of still participating in, half moons! This manicure was originally supposed to go live on the 10th of October but I didn't get a chance to do it until last Monday. Believe it or not, this bad boy is still on my nails today and going strong! Say, what!? Yep, that's right. Half moons hangin' tough!

For this manicure I used two coats of Nein! Nein! Nein! OK, Fine! by OPI, hole punch stickers as my half moon guides, a killer blackened peacock duochrome called Chic Reloaded by Essence Colour & Go, and Essie Stylenomics for the dots along the edges of my half moons. Um, can we just take a second here to gawk at the awesomeness that is the duochrome on Chic Reloaded?? I was fully planning on being disappointed by the duochrome on this polish when I plucked it off the shelf at Ulta the other day, but OMG I'm so pleased! A bonus here, is that I bought this and four other spectacular looking Colour & Go polishes for only $5. I used my $5 off $10 coupon wisely, I'd say!

Ooooooh, look! An outdoor shot! This pose actually reminds me of the pose used by one of my favorite bloggers, Jessika from Polish Insomniac. She always takes the best outdoors photos! For some reason I just couldn't get the duochrome shift to show up at all in my outdoor photographs, but these shots do a great job of showing off the steel gray base shimmer of Chic Reloaded. Sooo purdy.

So there you have it, ladies and gents, my super late half moon manicure for my challenge. I lurved it! Please check out the other amazing bloggers who did even better than I (because they did it on time!):


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