Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Merry Samhain! ...with Cirque All Hallow's Eve Collection

Merry Samhain fearless readers, or Happy Halloween!! Also, Happy Nevada Day. Wednesday is kind of a cruddy day for Halloween celebrations (at least as far as the adult-type booze-filled kind go), but back when I was a kid it didn't matter what day Halloween fell on because here in The Silver State we used to get the day off. How cool is that!? A few years back the state changed the rules on us all and now we observe Nevada Day and get a three day weekend, so most parties and what not happened last weekend. Not for me however, this year we've been too busy to get into the Halloween spirit. Not even a pumpkin on the front porch. Womp Womp. But, last year we dressed up as the Hamburger Helper hand - a spectacularly hand-made costume that we wore very briefly before taking off. MY GOD it was uncomfortable! lol

I hadn't planned on doing a holiday manicure for today, mostly because I'm always enduring some time crunch or another, but I played hooky today so I could have some me time. Sometimes you've just got to, for your sanity, ya know? Anyway, after doing a bunch of boring grown up stuff this morning I dug out my Cirque All Hallow's Eve duo (for the first time, sadly) and sat down to do my mani.


Cirque Colors All Hallow's Eve Collection for Halloween 2012 was a limited edition duo that consisted of a glow in the dark orange jelly, Kabocha, and a black shredded glitter in a clear base, Neko. For this manicure I layered three coats (for depth of color) of Kabocha over two coats of a white polish, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I layered it over white mostly because I didn't want any VNL but also because it helps with a better and brighter glow in the dark effect. Kabocha glows fluorescent yellow-green in the dark but I wasn't able to capture it on my camera. For reference, Chalkboard Nails has excellent photos of Kabocha's glow!

I layered one coat of Neko over several fingers on both hands, leaving a few fingers free for stamping. Neko is really neat and I like it a lot more than I'd expected to because it has square and tiny little hex glitters mixed in, in addition to the shredded bits! It also applies really well, no clumping or thick formula here. For my stamping I used BM-305 for my horny devil & tail and Mash-38 for Ms. Spider. Black Konad polish and my super squishy XL stamper also played a part in this mani. :)

For funsies, here's what Kabocha looks like before I added anything else. It dries semi-matte (satin?) and fairly quickly, but it is a jelly so when you layer it it takes a bit to dry through and through. Layering it over white really gives it a vibrant, lit from within look. So cool. As per usual Cirque custom, Kabocha and Neko are infused with lavender and clary sage essential oils. The scent, which I find soothing (and reminds me of balsam) lingers well after your polish dries - even after you've added several layers of top coat!

Unfortunately, and I'm sorry to tease you with this (but I'm pretty sure you all know by now), this duo was LE and sold out pretty quickly. Cirque Colors is a great brand in my opinion and my orders have all arrived quickly and well packaged so be sure to check out the Cirque Colors website and facebook page for info on current stock and updates.

Have fun tonight if you're taking little ones door to door, hiding at home watching Hocus Pocus, or attending a costume party! And be safe, call a cab if you need to. <3


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