Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nails inc new Burlington place

Good morning everyone, and happy hump day! I hope you're all having a wonderful Wednesday. :) Today I've got a quickie to show you what I'm wearing on my left hand. Yep, its lefty! I also have a confession to make. I frequently walk around with my four photographed fingers having a different "manicure" than the rest of my fingers. Am I the only one, here? I'm betting not. Like every other grown up out there trying to balance school, work (if I could find any), and home life I really only get to give myself a true ten-fingered manicure once a week - if I'm lucky! So I four-finger swatch a lot or try to coordinate certain nail art for my NOTW.

Now you all know my dirty little blogging secret. :) Seriously, I go off on these tangents and get way off topic... my point to all of that was that today's post is to show you what I'm wearing on my left hand while also wearing yesterday's B&W nail art. This week's choice for lefty is Nails Inc New Burlington Place, a gorgeous autumnal shimmer with an amazing orange duochrome. I scored this beauty from a swap. Score! I used two coats, formula was thin but covered well.

Here's an extra, nice and big so you can marvel at this gorgeous duochrome. The color shift isn't shy either, its obvious under most lighting.

Tell me, any more suggestions for Nails Inc polishes? Anyone interested in swaps? (I swapped this because I didn't want to purchase it from ebay) Know what Nails Inc I'm really lemming... Covent Garden Ballet.

PS. Taking photos of lefty is difficult and awkward. :)


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