Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One lonely polish from Bikini So Teeny!

Good morning and happy Wednesday everyone, today I've got another quickie for you! Boy, let me tell you... I cannot wait for this weekend. I just want to snuggle on the couch and sip hot chocolate. I only wish Las Vegas weather would cooperate and we could actually have an autumn! So, most likely there will be no hot cocoa. Sad Face. Moving on, shall we?

Today I've got the only polish I bought from this summer's Bikini So Teeny collection from Essie, the collection namesake, Bikini So Teeny! Bikini So Teeny is a powdery cornflower blue with a very fine silver shimmer of the variety that is barely visible. I absolutely adored this polish even though it was somewhat sheer and temperamental during application. What you see here is two coats, so I'm happy with coverage.

So there ya have it folks, another one from the vault! I've got a stack of 'em ready to go and even more in various stages of editing. Now... off to study for a quiz in my geology class. OH, and lunch with my mama and seeester this afternoon!

Cheers, fearless readers! xoxo


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