Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OPI Germany Collection - Swatches and Review

Good morning everyone, I hope you're all having a marvelous Tuesday! I don't have any Teal Tuesday magical manicures to show off today so I figured I'd get my ass in gear and finally post my swatches of this fall's OPI Germany Collection. Well, at least the colors I managed to bring home before I spent myself broke at Ulta. :) Not joking, but I've got to put myself on a no-buy for a while. Or at least until I find more than a part-time, temporary job. Now, on with the show!

Don't Talk Bach To Me

Two easy coats with a great formula, not too thin or thick. Its actually very manageable for a yellow shade and is self-leveling. Amazing! Don't Talk Bach To Me also dries to a high shine, and if you ask me, the silvery-white super fine shimmer gives it incredible character. LOVE it. Bonus, no staining and easy removal.

Deutsch You Want Me Baby?

Two coats with a good formula, Deutsch You Want Me Baby? still manages to be a tad bit brush stroke-y. It isn't terrible though, and any brush strokes visible are made up by how quickly and shiny this shimmery red-orange dries. Best part? Removal is easy and there's no shimmer fall out.

Germanicure by OPI

Good lord, the garnet shimmer of Germanicure by OPI swims in a blackened base and just glows from within! OPI describes this shade as a burgundy shimmer (although I see garnet), and I used two coats. Formula was great, no brush strokes in this neighborhood, and cleanup was easy peasy. OPI definitely has shades like this and Every Month Is Oktoberfest down, pat!

Every Month is Oktoberfest

Two coats of blackberry shimmer in an indigo base, Every Month is Oktoberfest has a thin formula but it covered much better than I'd expected with the addition of the second coat! Clean up was a breeze, no issues were had with the indigo base whatsoever. Instant autumn classic!

Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue

Two easy coats with a thin formula that could, under the best of circumstances, cover well enough in a single coat! Instant brownie points for any polish that can give me decent coverage. I can't say that this is the most unique blue shimmer in OPI's collection of blues, but it is vibrant and can fill the slot of "staple" for any modest polish collection.

Nein! Nein! Nein! OK, Fine!

Two thin coats, covers well even with a thin formula. Watch out for cuticle flooding if not careful, but don't worry too much because clean up is so easy. This beautiful blackened olive creme dries quickly to a high shine and removes easily without staining. Yay! I love this shade, tres chic.

All right, fearless readers, I'm off to do some sort of scholarly pursuit... enjoy your day! Oh man, how I've missed posting regularly. It just makes me happy. :) It also helps that I'm simultaneously watching an episode of Game of Thrones (season 2) while writing this. Now, I've got some Halloween indies I've got to get up here soon! So many polishes and too little time... Cheers!


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