Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Zoya NYFW Designer Collection - Swatches and Review

Wow, Wednesday already?? No biggie... Happy Hump Day! Today I've got another "better late than never" set of Fall 2012 swatches, four cremes from Zoya's NYFW Designer Collection. These colors have turned out to be excellent bases for some amazing indie glitters I've been hoarding over the last month or so. Get ready for those, they're coming up soon too!


Two coats of an amazing dusty eucalyptus creme, Evvie dried very shinny and had excellent pigmentation. Clean up was a breeze and I had no staining whatsoever. Score!


Two coats of this dusty blue creme, that reminds me instantly of a comfy pair of bluejeans, Natty could be a one coat wonder with careful application! Interestingly (I'm always intrigued by this), Natty dries slightly darker on the nail than it looks in the bottle. Again, easy removal and no staining.


Monica, the aubergine queen! Two coats of pigmented amazingness, Monica has an excellent formula and dries very shiny. Also, you may be able to see it in my LED lighting photos, but Monica dries markedly darker on the nail than in the bottle. Doesn't matter a bit, LOVE this color.


Toni, Toni, Toni... are you the red-headed step-child of this bunch? Two coats of this wine colored beauty applied much differently than the other three shades I've shown. The first coat was slightly patchy and the formula on Toni was a little thicker than the others. However, Toni's redeeming qualities include drying quickly and to a high shine that stays true to the bottle color. Totally makes up for it. :)

So, fearless readers... did you pick up any of these perfect cremes? Its collections like this, and consistent quality that makes Zoya one of my top favorite brands. These are great collection staples as far as I'm concerned, so go, get your hands on some if you haven't already!


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