Thursday, November 8, 2012

Blue Steel - NOTD and Dupe Alert!

Hello fearless readers! I hope you are doing well, and congratulations or my condolences! Based on how you voted on Tuesday, today might not be as spectacular for some as it is for others. Regardless of how the elections turned out, I'm proud to say that I voted and I hope that you did too! This year saw record turnouts at the polls, especially here in Nevada! I did a lot of canvassing and phone banking this year in the weeks leading up to the elections and I can't tell you how glad I am that its all over! Folks were really getting tired of hearing from me/us/everyone on the campaign trail!

Today I've got a mani that I'd wanted to wear Tuesday night, but just didn't have the time to do before we left for the party. In fact, we were late leaving and heard Ohio was called for the President right before we walked out the door! Talk about anticlimactic! I had an exam first thing Wednesday morning so I wasn't really out to party hard in celebration, but it was a fun evening nonetheless.


Today's NOTD, "Blue Steel" as I like to call it, is pretty amazing. Not only is this a NOTD post, I've got a DUPE ALERT! Ok, maybe it isn't that exciting. lol Recently I was casually perusing the polish selection at a neighborhood Walgreens and stumbled upon a fresh Sinful Colors display. I know I'm on a no-buy, but I couldn't help myself. I snatched up five bottles before tearing myself away from the display. The lovely color I'm sharing today is called Winter Wonderland and it is a spot on dupe for Zoya FeiFei. In fact, I'm wearing both at this very moment. Can you tell which is which??

On my middle and pinkie nails I'm wearing three coats of Zoya FeiFei and my pointer and ring fingers, as well as the rest of my manicure is two coats of Sinful Colors Winter Wonderland. Right off the bat you can see that there is a difference in opacity and thickness, I mean... look below at the photos I took after just a single coat!

Here's what I think, the formula on WW is thicker - more viscous -  and also more opaque. They both have a blue tint, but when swatched on the nail and on some scotch tape, Winter Wonderland is slightly more blue. Also, the shimmer/flecks are nearly identical but there just might be a smidge more gold in Winter Wonderland than in FeiFei. Which do I prefer? Honestly, I prefer the Zoya. While two coats is nicer for speedy application, the formula was better on FeiFei even if it is thinner. Plus, I prefer the brush on Zoya since its softer and easier to maneuver around my nails that have a pretty tight c-curve. But, if you're penny pinching and looking for a cheapie version of FeiFie, then look no further.



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