Tuesday, November 13, 2012

London Calling - L'Oreal Swatches and Review

Good morning, lovelies! Oh, what an amazing weekend I had. Funny thing is, I don't entirely remember what I did on Sunday. I'm thinking there was definitely homework involved and some grocery shopping and housework, but the rest escapes me. I guess those little "in between" moments weren't all that important then, huh! Yesterday, (Monday) is another story altogether. We were so busy, the day just flew by! I had some girls over to work on a group project in the morning and after lunch I spent the rest of the day helping HB (let's abbreviate hunny bunny from now on, shall we?) construct stuff out of wood. I was so HANDY yesterday! I guess it was just one of those weekends where I finally feel like I've got a grasp on things again and I'm not up to my eyeballs in stuff to do. Maybe now I can work on some nail art.

Today I've got some more swatches for your viewing pleasure, I'm working through my backlog so these are from early to mid October. (Scratch that, I dated my notes and I bought these in September. GASP) I know it was practically ages ago in nail polish land, but these two beauties were released as a part of a LE L'Oreal collection called London Calling. I don't recall a whole lot about the collection though, I'm sorry, other than I purchased these at Target right around the same time I bought SH Gilded Lily. The two colors I picked out were the only two shimmers, Brit Invasion and Notting Hill Blues.

Brit Invasion:

For this swatch I'm wearing two coats w/o topcoat. I actually wore this as a full mani, which goes to show ya that anyone can convert to a lover of items once disliked. Like BROWN polish for instance! Actually, I consider it more of a dark mushroom taupe with a green-bronze shimmer, but ultimately it is a gorgeous brown. Similar to Nite Owl, but lighter. I can't say that the formula on this was all that great though, I had some balding at the cuticle with my first coat but my second coat was better. The brush just didn't hold all that much polish, but I've never been too pleased with L'Oreal's formula. I just can't pass up pretty colors, no polish will power. Looking for a bit of good news? Brit Invasion did dry rather quickly.

Notting Hill Blues:

Are you ready for a stunner? My God, I love a good blue. How about I just put it out there... blue has to be my favorite color. There's just something about a vibrant blue that makes me happy. For this swatch I'm wearing two coats w/o topcoat. Notting Hill Blues, according to the notes I took, is a dusty blue shimmer. What the hell, is that all I wrote down? Sorry, let's try this again! lol NHB may be dusty, but not overwhelmingly so. There's just enough to tone down the blue but its entirely negated by the beautiful aquamarine shimmer that gives this shade light. Its my favorite part. Do you see "dusty" at all or was my mind playing tricks on me?

Formula wise, Notting Hill Blues was better than Brit Invasion but I still had some balding so be sure to have enough polish on your brush before application. I also had some issues with cleanup, my acetone+ moved the color into my cuticles and I couldn't get it out. Very frustrating, but luckily there was no staining as there often is when dealing with vibrant shades of blue.

Does this color remind you of anything?? I keep seeing Zoya Tallulah when I see this shade, they're so similar I can't believe I didn't think to do a comparison! By the way, this is the polish I wore under Marbles on Glass from Sunday's Pahlish post.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone! xoxox


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