Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pahlish - Still Alive: Portal Collection - Swatches & Review

Ahhh, another beautiful Sunday morning! Or, at least I assume its a beautiful morning. :) I'm actually writing this post up Saturday night before I hop into a bubble bath. I haven't had one in forever and since we spent the day working in the back yard, me doing major tree pruning and hunny bunny pouring concrete, I decided it was in order. My muscles need relaxin'! We also fenced in an area of the back yard so we can pen our puppies up when we have company. Needless to say, my arms and legs feel like jello. And even though I'm too tall to properly fit in the tub, I'm goin' for it. I've also poured myself a cocktail so its destined to be a lovely time.

Today I'm going to show you guys swatches I did to test out some indies I binged on all the way back in September. I love indie glitters, and Pahlish is one of my favorite indies all around. Her polishes are always of excellent quality and she does amazing jellies. Check out my mani with Pahlish Toxic and Timeless HERE. When this collection was being advertised, I literally set an alarm so I would be able to get on etsy when these went live. We were camping. #noshame. I ended up purchasing three of the five polishes in the collection including: Marbles on Glass, Little Caroline, and Still Alive.

Marbles on Glass:

"Inspired by the secret area in Test Chamber 3 and the song "Exile Vilify" that can be heard playing on the radio inside. This Pahlish is a blend of hex, bar, square, and round black matte glitter accented by camera-shy iridescent color-shifting glitter in three colors and just a tiny hint of multicolored microshimmer"

I wore one coat of Marbles on Glass over L'Oreal Notting Hill Blues (swatches coming) and like Shannon's description mentions, Marbles on Glass is full of black circle, square, hex, and bar glitters of various sizes in a clear suspension base with small blue iridescent hex and micro iridescent glitters. Amazing right?! And check out these killer circle glitters, I've never seen anything like it! Marbles on Glass has a thick-ish formula but wasn't impossible to handle. It mostly applied without having to manipulate or place glitters on the nail.

Little Caroline:

"Inspired by Caroline, of course! Little Caroline is an ultra squishy neon fuchsia jelly base loaded up with color shifting hex and squares. These squares shift from orange to green (the same color shift as flakie polishes like Nubar 2010 and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure) and are accented by subtle gold and pink microshimmer.'" 

I wore two coats of  Little Caroline layered over Zoya Toni (see swatches HERE) but one coat is really all you need for layering.  Little Caroline is a bright pink jelly stuffed full of square and hex shaped iridescent glitters, iridescent and holo micro glitter, and what I would call a pink shimmer. Little Caroline has a great formula, it flows nicely onto the nail without having to fish for any glitters and it dries smoothly & without grit! Shannon's swatches of Little Caroline look amazing over black so I'm going to have to try it over a dark color to get those iridescent glitters to really shine!

Still Alive:

"This shade, inspired by the GLaDOS control room, is a saturated teal base packed with iridescent green glitter and gold micro flakies. This shade has a green to blue duochrome shift that is tough to capture on camera!"

Remember THIS Teal Tuesday mani, ya know... the sweets one? No? Well, then I suggest you click on over and check it out becuase I used Pahlish Still Alive in that TT manicure. For this swatch I'm wearing two coats over Essie Stylenomics, but one would suffice for layering. Still Alive is a green jelly with golden-green glass flecks and small hex shaped iridescent glitters. Formula on Still Alive is amazing, just like with Little Caroline, and it also dries smoothly and without grit. I love that about a good glitter, no grit!

I know I described the glittery contents of each polish even though I provided Shannon's descriptions, but I wanted you guys to get the full benefit of my notes! Turns out I was pretty spot on and that makes me proud. Now, I'm off to get in my bubble bath. I hope you guys have an excellent Sunday!  xoxo

PS. Be sure to stop by Shannon's Etsy shop HERE, to check out her current listings. She's always stocked up to the gills whenever I stop by. Also, stop by Pahlish's Facebook page HERE to give her a "like" so you can stay up to date on new releases and collections, and follower her on Twitter HERE.


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