Monday, December 3, 2012

butterLONDON Fall 2012 Colours from the Catwalk - Swatches & Review

Whoa! Look at me posting two days in a row like a fancy blogger lady. I'm taking another procrastination break in attempt to keep my sanity this week. I need every ounce I can get, people. I'm practically a knowledge zombie right now. Today I've got another collection of swatches to show, I did them ages and ages ago but only edited recently during a similar fit of procrastination. Step right up, folks, gather 'round... today you get to see the butterLONDON Colours from the Catwalk Collection! Just like yesterday, I'll keep it short and sweet. <3

Dodgy Barnett:

Three thin coats, silver weak linear holo. Dries quickly and to a shiny finish. Removal is easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Bonus sun shot for your viewing pleasure!


Two coats, thicker formula and more opaque than Dodgy Barnett. Lemon-lime green weak linear holo. Like DB, Trustifarian dries quickly and to a shiny finish. This reads more yellow than green to me, in my humble opinion.

Lemon-lime inside... delicious golden holo outside, in the fading afternoon sun!


Two coats, russet red coarse metallic shimmer - more brown than red, think auburn. Good formula, no brushstrokes visible. Dries quickly and removes easily, minimal shimmer fallout. Perfect autumnal color.

Lovely Jubbly:

Two coats, full coverage mix of blue, red, silver, and pink glitter in a clear base. Dries gritty, use topcoat generously. Removes like a hardcore glitter, prepare to soak. I liked this a lot more than I was prepared to!


Two coats, fine charcoal/silver glitter in sheer charcoal base. Gobsmacked has a thinner formula than Lovely Jubbly and I was surprised it covered so well at only two coats. Also a topcoat eater.

I used this for a mani before, check it out HERE!

Finally posting these swatches is making my current no-buy situation almost unbearable... butterLONDON's winter collection is calling out to me so hard right now. *sigh* but I must wait, until I start working again. Say it with me now, (in hopes that it will strengthen my resolve) "I can do it! I won't buy anything!"


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