Sunday, December 2, 2012

China Glaze Wicked Collection - Swatches and Review

Holy cow, can you believe its December already?! Here in Vegas its only just begun to feel like autumn, which in all honestly isn't the usual. The trees only just started dropping leaves last week! So, while its beginning to look a lot like Christmas (or Hanukkah) in your neck of the woods... its mostly like late October here. Its odd, really, since we pulled out holiday decorations yesterday and there is Christmas music playing everywhere.

Anywho, since its technically October here (aka still autumn) I don't feel guilty bringing you these super late swatches of the China Glaze Wicked Collection for Halloween 2012. I lurved them all except for Glitter Goblin (the brown holo glitter) and I didn't bother to edit those photos - I hated them that much. I'll keep it short and sweet today since I'm taking a procrastination break.


Two coats, thin but applied well. Grey base with large blue, teal, purple/pink, and silver shimmer. Easy removal, small amount of shimmer fallout.

Bizarre Blurple:

Two coats, red (or is it blue? I can never tell.)  scratch that, the Munsell Color Wheel says this is blue-toned purple shimmer. But in reality, this is a red-toned purple base with a strong indigo blue shimmer. Decent formula, was a little patchy without enough polish on the brush during application. Removal was easy and without staining or fallout.

Make a Spectacle:

One coat over Bizarre Blurple, mixed sizes of iridescent hex glitters and sparkle in suspension base, mix between Snowglobe and White Cap. Typical glitter removal - not too bad, however, at only a single coat.

Cast a Spell:

Two coats, excellent opacity - could be a one-coater if carefully applied. Blackened olive base with bright golden olive shimmer/glass fleck. Removal is easy but there is minor shimmer fallout. China Glaze does greens like this SO well!

Roguish Red:

Two coats of an almost neon red-orange creme/crelly that dries to a super shiny finish. Excelent formula with easy removal and no staining. Now this is my kind of red! LOVE.

I hope you enjoyed my super late swatches, I've got more to come including butterLONDONs! Now... back to the grindstone for me, I see the light at the end of the tunnel!


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