Thursday, December 13, 2012

Girly Bits works its Street Magic on SOPI Happy Earth Day to Me...

Have you ever woken up one morning and said to yourself, "Hey self, let's paint our nails today!"? I'm sure you all have, just like I do... but have you ever said to yourself, "Let's paint our nails the color of diaper contents!"? I assume not, and neither did I. But that's just what happened a few days ago.

I'm not sure what convinced me that SOPI Happy Earth Day To Me was a must-have color, maybe it was the $1 price tag, but in the end I like it. It isn't a conventional color by any means, but this dirty olive (that leans way too close to baby poop) won me over. It even has a little silver shimmer in it that brightens it up. What can I say, I'm just drawn to these oddball ugly colors. I hope today's post doesn't bring up any bad diaper changing experiences you may have had or fear for (Future mom's out there, have no fear... everyone poops. Or so I've heard.)

I wore two coats of Happy Earth Day to Me and had good coverage, it was a little patchy on the first coat but that may have been because the desert has decided winter has finally arrived in these parts. I get a little whiny when it drops into the 40's, and yes, I've lived in places much colder. I'm just hot blooded is all. :)

Since I wasn't quite ready to take the baby poop plunge and embrace this color all on its own, I took the opportunity to finally bust out another Girly Bits polish that's been hiding out in my untrieds box, Street Magic.  *Interesting side note here, I originally spaced out and thought I used Shift Happens for this mani. Which meant I was seriously enjoying all of the punny titles I could come up with for this post. Lucky for you, I don't get to share my awesome punniness.*

Street Magic is a green to red color-shift sparklefest in a clear base and it applies wonderfully, like butter in fact! I bought mine in a set with Shift Happens on a whim when I purchased Cu Blue and Arctic Sunrise, they were on sale of course.

Gorgeous, no? The sparkle really comes alive! Its still kind of poopy looking though, isn't it? Just a sparkly, pretty poop shade. Am I going too far with this? Moving on... lol

Its official, btw, I'm all done with school! Yippee! My last final was yesterday morning and I'm fairly sure I did well enough to get the hell out of dodge. All I've got left is to submit my final thesis paper for my capstone and I'm officially done. And guess what!? As you're reading this I'm off at my first day of work as a "turtle herder." I hear that's what we're called since the desert tortoise is a pretty big deal out here.

Tell me, what do you think of SOPI Happy Earth Day to Me, should I keep it and give it another shot - maybe solo next time?


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