Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Guest Post with Of Life and Lacquer - Holo MADNESS!

Good morning everyone, today is my last final of my very last semester and I couldn't be more thrilled! In honor of this special occasion, one of my very best friends will be sharing a mani she created just for me. Cynthia from Of Life and Lacquer is an incredible woman and has given me the motivation to share so much more of myself through this blog than I ever though I would. Enjoy!

When Jessica asked me if I would write a guest post for her awesome blog, of course I said yes immediately. Some of you may have seen me commenting insanely on Jessica’s post or you may even follow my blog, but in case you have no idea who I am, I’m Cynthia from Of Life and Lacquer. When I first started my blog, Once Upon A Polish was one of the very first blogs I started to follow. I wish I could remember how/when Jessica and I first started talking, but I am so glad we did because she is such an amazing friend! I tried very hard to come up with a celebratory design since she is just about to graduate (yay!), but everything I tried ended up looking like I did it with my toes, so I gave up and just went with one of my usual manicures. Oh, boy…I wish it had ended at that. I did a tape mani with two different Nubar holos that I was kind of proud of, and then I did something stupid: I deleted all the pictures from my camera by mistake. It was the polish cry heard ‘round the world. Despite this setback, I almost felt like that mani just wasn’t meant to be so I started all over. I still wanted to infuse some holo into this post so I reached for my Laylas. I have a love/hate relationship with Layla holos because they chip and wear off within a couple of hours. How crazy is that? It drives me crazy because they have such amazing colors and the holo effect is insane.  I know some people have had no problems with wear so it might just be my bogus nails. Anyway, are you ready to see what holo goodness I have in store for you?

I started with this lovely polish from the Glee Collection that Sephora put out earlier in the year. I picked up Sephora by OPI Slushied a few months ago because it was on sale, but I hadn’t used it until today.  Slushied is a bright turquoise crème polish that dries incredibly shiny. When I applied the first coat, I thought it seemed a little thin but the second coat made the color completely opaque.

As I previously noted, I get the absolute worst wear from Layla holographic polishes so I pretty much neglect them. At $15.50 a pop, it pains me to have them just sitting there so I am determined to get some use out of them. I applied 1 coat of Ocean Rush over Slushied, and I was very happy with the intense turquoise color and the intense holo. Despite the crappy wear, I find that these Laylas have the strongest linear holo effect I have seen.

Since I’m constantly stamping over everything, I decided to use a design from Konad plate M64 and some special black polish. I wanted to use a full nail design, but it always pains me to cover up a holo—especially when it’s as gorgeous as this.

Well, what do you think of this layering experiment? Have you had any wear issues with the Layla holographic polishes?  It’s been really fun to do this post for Jessica’s blog (despite the erased pictures), and I hope this makes me seem less scary than I am on twitter. Some of you know what I mean…..

I remember when I started reading Cynthia's blog, the post she'd written really touched me and I'd felt an immediate connection with her. And she shared this incredible video:

Isn't it AMAZING!?


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