Saturday, December 15, 2012

Illamasqua Cameo + Goooooooold!

Happy Saturday!! GUESS WHAT?? This weekend is the first weekend in four years I don't have to study or worry about school work. Holy shit this is an incredible feeling. For now, just for a few more days or possibly weeks, I'm going to gloat a little. Because its awesome. I will, however, be spending quite a lot of my time this weekend cleaning house in preparation for my family coming to town. Like, scrubbing the baseboards level of clean. I'm sure my hands and nails will take a beating, but that's ok because I scored a sample of Lush Lemony Flutter when I ventured in for the first time this past Monday afternoon.

See, here's a little something about me... I'm an emotional spender. Just like I'm an emotional polisher. I like to reward myself with a little something after I've accomplished something I'm proud of (like finishing my finals) or when I'm having a bad day. For instance, I went to a department store looking for a royal purple cocktail dress a few years ago and I found the perfect one. Only they didn't have my size, just a size up and a size down. Total bummer. So I says to myself, fine then, I'll just look for a pair of leopard print pumps then to make up for the dress disappointment. After another shopping letdown, I settled for a burnt orange Michael Kors handbag. Oh, it was luscious for sure... but thrice what I had anticipated spending on that royal purple cocktail dress. Obviously I was pretty pissed/aggravated/sad I couldn't find exactly what I want, but that's what I get for waiting 'til the last minute for things. Wardrobe planning for fancy events is not easy, and it gets a little pricey when you end up in the purse department. Moral of the story... this was way before I discovered the joy of nail polish, what's considered pint size luxury purchases. 

So where was I going with this ramble? Oh yes, I went to Mandalay Bay in search of holo polishes at the only Urban Outfitters I'm aware of in town - and ended up at Lush. I wanted to find out if Lemony Flutter really smells like lemon gasoline, the sales associate was intrigued and I walked out with a sample. Without even asking, which is always nice. Aaaand back to cleaning my house, I'll be testing out Lemony Flutter to see if it can handle a weekend of deep cleaning. Now, lets get to what you came here for: NAIL POLISH!

For finals week I knew I wanted to wear blue. Blue is ultra calming and I swear I've read somewhere that it also stimulates positive brainwaves and helps you concentrate. Perfect for studying and test taking! The blue beauty you're seeing is Illamasqua Cameo, the perfect desert sky blue! Just look at it, it matches the sky! For a little luxe and luck I added SOPI Its Real 18K Gold Top Coat. I never thought I would get into the gold flake polish, but at the right price I'm game. Plus, I like the fine flakes in this polish versus the larger flakes in other brands.

Here's Cameo all on its lonesome, before I added golden goodness. Totally worth it. By the way, Cameo and Noble have completely won me over. From now on, if Illamasqua is calling out my name I'll be there to answer. I'm sold!

What do you think of my golden combo, does luxe bring you luck?  Have a great weekend!


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