Monday, December 10, 2012

SpaRitual - Lithophonic NOTD

Good morning fearless readers and Happy Monday! (if you're into that) Today is my first final of my last week of finals EVER, I can't put into words just how excited I am about this. Since my first final is for my geology class - soils identification for land use - I'm going to show you a recent NOTD.

SpaRitual Lithophonic (see, its fitting!) was released this fall in the SpaRitual Rock Nail Lacquer Collection along with five other shades. When I first saw swatches of this collection earlier this year I wasn't impressed but my affection and appreciation for brown nail shades has grown, so I purchased this beauty. I was convinced it was worth it when I realized this brown shimmer had a slight green duochrome! Its very slight but gives this lacquer incredible dimension. Just look at this bottle shot:

Photo Source HERE

My photos didn't seem to pick up on the color shift quite as dramatically as the bottle shot shows it, but that's because it isn't that obvious and is mostly seen at extreme angles. And those angles I haven't quite managed to master yet in my new light box. So, let's take a look-see, shall we?

How about some outdoor, fun-in-the-sun, type shots? I took this photo late in the afternoon sun so its a little warm, but still beautiful. The oblique angle of the winter-time sun finally allowed a little of that green color shift to show up. The formula on Lithophonic was excellent and covered very well at two coats. One coat had good coverage too, but I always err on the side of two coats for good measure. This is such a fantastic shade of brown too, very grown up and chic if you ask me. I really enjoy SpaRitual as a brand the more I come to use their polishes.

Wish me luck on my final today, it's going to be a killer! Probably the hardest final of the year, and definitely the hardest final I've ever taken. This class has kicked my butt!


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