Thursday, June 28, 2012

China Glaze Neon NOTD with Stamping Skittles

Look, more stamping and skittles to boot! And I've got a tan! Or really, just tan hands. :/ So far this summer I've spent a lot of effort protecting myself from the harsh desert sun while working outside, but what I've foolishly forgotten is SPF for my hands. They're the only part of me that is exposed during the day so... Yeah, I need some SPF'd (pronounced spuuffed) up hand crème. Unscented preferably so I don't attract bees and flying critters. Any suggestions gals?

I'm wearing today, China Glaze Pink Plumeria as a base and used Love's A Beach to stamp. At first I just wanted to do chevrons with tape, like you see on my ring finger, but it was too difficult and aggravating so I brought out my Bundle Monster plates (set 2) to play. I really want the new set but need to get better at stamping before I can justify the purchase. I think I'll also finally cave and get some decent stamping polishes.

Yesterday I broke a nail and got stabbed by thorns when I lost a battle with a Catsclaw Acacia, so I'm down to shorties. I love when my nails get long, they make my fingers look longer and more elegant, but I also love getting to feel my fingertips again! I provided you with a sparkly cover up of my boo-boo so as to not subject you to its angry redness.

Damn, look at my tan fingers... I wish my legs had that much color! Xoxo

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kalahari Kiss and I'm Not Lion - China Glaze On Safari NOTD

I've got two reasons why China Glaze is one of my all time favorite brands... Kalahari Kiss and I'm Not Lion! I never would have guessed that a mustard leaning putty would turn out to to be such an amazing neutral shade for me, and a yellow my skin can pull off! And a champagne holographic glitter?! CG is always on point with great glitters

Initially I wasn't planning on purchasing either of these shades but it turns out they are perfect for me and go great together! I wasn't impressed with swatches I'd seen so far but I took a chance after looking back at my Trendsetter photos, remember that amazing mustard glass fleck from last fall's Metro collection? Yeah, also an unconventional or "ugly" color that turned out to work great with my coloring.

I gave myself another trigger mani and used two costs of each color. I'm Not Lion gave good coverage too and is wearing like iron, another great quality of China Glaze glitters. I used a coat of Gelous before Seche Vite since it was drying gritty and it helped a lot in giving me a smooth finish.

Kalahari Kiss is the perfect base color for safari themed nail art and I'm inspired by Nail Nerd to try my hand at a giraffe pattern using Desert Sun! I haven't purchased that shade yet because it was another I wasn't sure would work with my skin tone, but I'm sure going back for it now!

Oh China Glaze, let me count the ways... I can't wait for the rest of the shades I ordered from this collection get here! My FedEx tracker says Friday, woo hoo!

Monday, June 25, 2012

My picks from the China Glaze Neons: The Purples!

Holy cow, I was wiped out when I got home from work today! I opened up this draft post and promptly passed out on the couch, drool and everything... Real lady like. :) I was dragging all morning too, even with the extra shot in my coffee, so I'm thinking my hike yesterday morning took more out of me than I'd expected. I'm feeling muscle groups I haven't felt in a long time!

Now that I've had a micro nap I have a second wind and can show you the second group of polishes I picked from the China Glaze Neon collection: the purples! I wasn't originally planning on bringing home Under The Boardwalk and Beach Cruise-r because I tend not to enjoy berry shades, but there were no pinks left in the display to grab and I had to bring home something. I am glad I caved because this group has one of my favorite shades from the whole collection, Under The Boardwalk.

Under The Boardwalk:

If this jelly looks familiar, it would be because I paired it with Layla Hologram Flash Black - a killer charcoal linear holo I won from Ashley at Passion for Polish. It was that pairing that cemented this color as a favorite for me, berries have won me over!

These swatches are with two coats of polish over base coat, the first set of photos is without a top coat while the second set of photos show a coat of Seche Vite. Application was good bit a second coat is needed and possibly a third if you dislike visible nail line. Under The Boardwalk dries quickly and to a bright shine, which I love! Bonus, I got eight days of wear out of this color. Eight days!

Just as an FYI, the first photo in each grouping (for both polishes) is the most color accurate.

Beach Cruise-r:

I would describe Beach Cruise-r as a fuchsia shimmer with blue undertones and a hint of neon.

Both coats applied easily and dried very quickly. Applying topcoat really brought the shine and shimmer of this polish and the more I look at these photos the more I enjoy this color. It really reminds me of fuchsia flowers, so pretty.

I'd really like to pair this with a nude in some sort of nail art.

My second wind has left me suddenly so I'll sign off for the night. Can you technically call it a nap if it just turns into sleep for the night? lol Xoxo

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My picks from the China Glaze Neons: The Blues!

Greetings lovelies, how are we feeling today? Hungover from a late night or settling down on the couch for a lazy Sunday? Myself, I'm exhausted! I dragged my butt out of bed at 4:30 this morning to go hiking with some friends. It was completely worth it, but I only got three hours of sleep last night after working on the house all day yesterday. There's nothing quite like the joy and satisfaction you feel after hanging light fixtures and ceiling fans. Who knew nearing 30 could be so damn exciting!? Lol seriously though, I love everything we hung yesterday. <3

Here's a stunning view from the hike this morning, about a third of the way up the mountain:

Purdy, huh? Oh man, I love nature. The weather at elevation was in the mid 70's and even cooler in the shade while down in the valley, temps were in the 90's by the time we were done! I'm hoping hiking this summer will get me in shape in time for snowboarding season... Assuming we get decent snows this year. So far we're in a fairly serious and severe drought.

Now that I've snoozed you guys with my hiking and ceiling fan adventures, how about some polish? I finally got my hands on the China Glaze neons I've been eyeballing all over the blogosphere! I used my handy dandy "birthday" coupon at Sally's to pick these up so I had to wait a week or so to find the pinks I wanted. But now that I've got them all swatched and ready to go I can finally share. I've decided to break them in to color groups for three separate posts; the blues, the purples, and finally the pinks with a dash of coral thrown in for good measure.

I decided blues would be a good jumping off point for this little mini series since the blue skies this morning were so beautiful. I mean, c'mon,look at that picture up there!

The two blues in the Neon collection are Ride The Waves, a royal blue jelly, and Splish Splash, a bright blue shimmer.

Ride The Waves:

Oh. my. Gawd. I am in love! While not really a neon, Ride The Waves is a vibrant blue nonetheless, and a jelly to boot! I really dig jelly finishes when they aren't too sheer, and this is a winner in my book. All the way!

For application I applied two coats over extra base, in case of staining. Formula was good and the polish flowed nicely from the brush. Dry time was good and not too quick as to prevent a little manipulation on the nail for even coverage. The second coat was thoroughly needed for evenness and to bring out the squishy goodness of the jelly, a third could be added if you dislike VNL. Removal was painless and there was no staining. The photos above are without top coat and the photos below are with one coat of SV.

Splish Splash:

Splish Splash is the second and final blue in this collection and again, isn't really a neon so much as it is a bright. I would call it an electric blue, not a neon, even thou it dries to a slightly satin finish. The shimmer in this polish is what really sets it apart from other similar shades. It gives it that "lit from within" look.

Application was good, but this little pretty is sheer. Not terribly so, but enough to get you wondering after the first coat how many more you might need for full coverage. I'm happy to say that these photos are with two coats, the second really stepped up and provided a lot more coverage than I'd been expecting. Clean up around he cuticles was good, first of all it didn't flood and secondly after removal there wasn't major shimmer fallout.

Again, photo set one is without top coat while the second set has one coat of Seche Vite. You can really tell a difference on this one with a good shiny top coat! Man, China Glaze puts out killer blues.

So, there you have it, the blues! I truly loved these even if they weren't really neons. I have been wearing Splish Splash on my toes for about a week now and it's great, I wore it to SoCal last weekend and in the sunlight it really shines! I can't say that these are unique colors by any means, Ride The Waves looks just like Revlon Royal from looking at photos and Splish Splash reminds me of aEngland Order of the Garter. I have Royal to compare but it is buried deep within my piles (thank you organizational disaster!) so I can't confirm a 100% dupe. And I don't have Order of the Garter (I will soon, however) but I think it has much more dimension in the shimmer department.

Until next time, later alligators!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Dancing in the Sheets

Good morning! I know it isn't usual for me, but here is a morning post featuring the other half of the Footloose Deborah Lippmann set I scored from HSN on clearance, Dancing in the Sheets. I mean, really, how can you pass up 2 DL's for $13 and change?! The other polish in this duo, a sky blue creme (abso. to die for!), is called Let's Hear it for the Boy. I used it in my gradient and stamping manicure I showed you previously.

If you ask me, Dancing in the Sheets sounds like a pretty risque' name for a polish... damn, that makes me sound like a prude! lol But it doesn't matter, because this polish is amazing and worth an eyebrow raising name! DITS is a blackened navy blue shimmer packed in a purple jelly base. YES. I said purple. You can't see it on the nail at all after the first coat, but you can see it a little in the bottle. It makes it look duochrome-y, so tricky! Although the purple base doesn't translate on to the nail it gives depth and character to what otherwise could be a pretty standard and run of the mill navy shimmer.

Is it really navy? I'm starting to see nothing but "sapphire" the more I look!

What you see in these photos is two coats of Dancing in the Sheets over base, without top coat. Can you believe the shine? Its incredible. The more bottles of Deborah Lippmann's I bring home, the more I am loving this brand. You really can feel the quality of a luxury brand. I'm just glad I snagged it at a great price! Ya know, since I'm cheap... and buy a lot of polish.

Application was very good, as was the formula. The first coat went on rather sheer and that's when you see the amazing purple base. It looks a little patchy at one coat but the second is all you need to finish up your manicure. The best part of all this? Clean up and removal. I had no problems cleaning up my cuticles, no flooding or shimmer fallout, and there was no staining. I adore a killer blue that doesn't stain. <3

So there ya have it lovelies, a beautiful jewel toned sapphire shimmer! 'Till next time, xoxox!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Layla Hologram Flash Black & China Glaze Under the Boardwalk

Hey lovelies, happy day after hump day! This hump day was particularly special because I worked extra hard this week collecting data in the field that I finished early for the week! That means no field work in triple digit heat for me today, sweet, sweet relief. And, I think it is pretty cool that the summer solstice occurred on Hump Day. Maybe that's just me. :)

Also, I won a giveaway! Yep, little ol' me! Last week I found out I won Layla Hologram Flash Black from Ashley at Passion for Polish. Ashley's got a really cute blog and does great stamping and nail art, I really like her "polish personality!" Plus, she's got beautiful nails! You should check out her blog HERE, and her Twitter HERE.

Check it out, I took these photos out in the middle of the Mojave desert! Well, on the side of the highway out in the middle of nowhere. lol The truck drivers must have thought I was nuts. It was legit though, I was taking pictures of plants for identification purposes also. So there, truck drivers, don't judge me. :P

Ahh, holo goodness in the desert sun! *swoon*

How about some extras that I took at home when I finished my mani! I really wanted something bright to contrast the charcoal of Flash Black and one of China Glaze's new Neons, Under the Boardwalk, fit the bill perfectly. And to think, I almost didn't purchase this color because I hadn't been impressed with swatches I'd seen! I'll have swatches of my Neons soon, promise. :)

Trigger mani with an accent nail! Ya dig?

Bottle shots under LED lighting:

Monday, June 18, 2012

My picks from the OPI Spiderman Collection: Just Spotted the Lizard and My Boyfriend Scales Walls

Happy Monday lovelies! Having a good day so far? I started this morning with three shots of espresso in my Starbucks and I rocked out to Superfreak while driving out to the middle of the desert for data collection today. So, yeah, awesome. :D

Since I'm in such a good mood (and still half way tweaking out from this morning's caffeine) I wanted to show you my two picks from OPI's Spiderman Collection: Just Spotted the Lizard and My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

OPI Just Spotted the Lizard:

A brilliant olive toned gold duo/multichrome polish, this is two coats over a base, under LED and incandescent lighting with no top coat. Application was good but as expected this applied very thin and a second coat was needed. Dry time was very fast and you can see it dried to a bright shine. Beware, during removal shimmer goes everywhere!

This polish is OPI's version of Chanel Peridot, Jessica Cosmetics Iridescent Eye, and Gap Gold Rush. I don't have Peridot or Gold Rush so I can't comment on them, but when compared to Iridescent Eye I can say that I can't tell a difference other than brush configuration. I can't even pick a favorite really, but it was nice being able to apply this brush stroke-y wonder with OPI's Pro Wide brush. So I guess that makes it the winner! You can see my swatches of Jessica Cos. Iridescent Eye HERE.

OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls:

A dingy white crème with just a hint of grey, this is two coats over base without top coat and under the same lighting. Formula was a bit on the thin side for me but dried very quickly and wasn't easily manipulated once on the nail. You can see if you look closely, the spots where I had to go back to the bottle for coat 2.5. Not quite self-leveling, MBSW still dries to a good shine.

This is my first white crème I've actually worn as a manicure and I liked it! I never had a desire to white out my nails, not even in grade school when bored (I was in to polish at a young age so I usually had mine painted - even if they were all chipped!).

Now.... I flippin' want the French exclusive, OPI Black Spotted! I am loving the oil sheen look of this top coat effect, but I refuse to drop my hard earned money on the $70 eBay price tag. No more shatter, never cared for it. lol

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A closer look at my first gradient, with Sonia Kashuk and Deborah Lippmann!

Happy Saturday, lovelies! Today I'm reporting to you from sunny Rancho Cucamonga, man that's so much fun to say. I'm in LA this weekend with my hunny bunny and fam for Father's Day. Yesterday the two of us spent the afternoon down in Malibu on the beach and driving the PCH after strawberry milkshakes at the original Bob's Big Boy. Today the boys went to the LA Roadster Show and us girls went to Downtown Pomona to peruse the antique shops. No good finds in any of the shops today though.

Ok, so the other night I showed my latest stamping adventure over a gradient manicure. It was my first try so I was pretty pleased with the results, it was super easy too so I hope you'll give it a try if you haven't yet. There's nothing to it!

The two polishes I used were Sonia Kashuk Fairy Princess and Deborah Lippmann Let's Hear it for the Boy. I picked up Fairy Princess at Target and Let's Hear it for the Boy came in one of the Footloose clearance sets from QVC (or was it HSN?) with Dancing in the Sheets.

You can see, I alternated my accent nails on opposite hands. My right hand was two coats of Let's Hear it for the Boy with Fairy Princess on my tips, my left hand was visa versa. Voila!

Let's Hear it for the Boy is an amazing light blue crème! And for a pastel I had no application issues, I could literally feel the luxury of a designer polish as I was applying it. Bringing this home at a discount makes it feel sooo much better too! Oh, and can you see the killer shine it dried with?? Gah, I love it. Can you tell?

Fairy Princess is a soft mint green with blue microglitter, or is it shimmer? It removed like a glitter, gritty and a pain in the ass. Application wasn't the greatest either, but I guess I got what I paid for (or a little less). Two coats, it was thin but gummy and dried slightly dull. It's pretty but I don't think it meets it's fullest potential, or my standards.

What do you guys think of my gradient? Have you tried a Sonia Kashuk polish before?

Until next time, xoxox!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Look, more stamping... and a gradient!

Holy cow, can you believe I finally jumped on the gradient bandwagon? And I did more stamping! I'm so proud of myself. :) This is just a quickie late-night post because I can't sleep because my hunny is out of town for work, so here is my latest attempt at nail art.

I don't know about you guys, but I kind of like how my stamping isn't fully opaque. Feathers! I used Bundle Monster plate BM-214 and stamped with My Boyfriend Scales Walls from the OPI Spiderman Collection.

I'll have posts for my gradient and my Spiderman swatches soon. Hopefully, now, I can get some sleep!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Zoya Zuza - pretty little underthings!

Hey guys, quick post to say hello this evening and show you what I wore under Orly Mermaid Tale - Zoya Zuza. Zuza is from Zoya's Summer Surf Collection and is described on Zoya's website as a "deep, saturated, oceanic turquoise with gold and silver metallic shimmer and a foil-like finish."

Umm, can we say gorgeous!? I know we've all seen swatches of this beautiful shade by now so there's no need for me to gush, but seriously! Zuza is a silvery shimmer, foil-y, turquoise masterpiece. Pigmentation is so intense a single coat is sufficient with good application.

I thought this polish dried rather quickly so manipulation on the nail wasn't really an option. I recommend as few brushstrokes as possible or else it'll get gummy on you. No topcoat in these photos.

LED Lighting:

Incandescent Lighting:

Now, for the not so nice bits about Zuza. This beautiful bitch stains like a mother! Something else I'm sure you've all heard already lol. I have to admit I thought to myself that the staining wouldn't be that bad but I was sorely mistaken. Interestingly enough, I didn't put any glitter on my left hand and the staining was only half as bad. Hmm, let's think on that while checking out my stained nails...

No bueno! Luckily, these stains weren't too difficult to remove. I just used hand soap and scrubbed well with my nail brush.

Annnd one more thing! After my order of China Glaze neons and a few miscellaneous Essie's arrive I will be on a polish moratorium (until On Safari and Bohemian collections are released to etailers - I know, I have no will power to resist). Why? Well, because I bought myself a new bag this weekend. And she is a beaut! And I caught a major deal. And I haven't bought myself a new bag in almost 4 years. I'm rationalizing, can you tell? lol

Here's my eye candy, er arm candy! Ugh, I die! <3

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mermaid Tale NOTD - Orly Flash Glam FX Collection

Hello lovelies! Today I'm showing you the manicure I've been wearing all weekend, Mermaid Tale from the new Orly Flash Glam FX Collection over Zoya Zuza.

Mermaid Tale is a mix of tiny green hex glitters, medium sized blue hex, and larger teal holographic hex glitters. Green is the dominant color of this glitter mix but over a teal or aqua polish as a base the teal really comes to light. In the sunlight this mani just blows my mind, I swear this is what mermaid tails really look like!

I'm wearing a single coat of glitter with Seche Vite. Mermaid Tale applied easily and I got a good mix of glitter on the brush each time I went back to the bottle, no glitter manipulation was needed. Without a good topcoat I think this would dry a little gritty, with one coat SV I have a slight bit of texture still. Nothing some Gelous couldn't fix.

I'm wondering if this is too flashy for work, but I don't care! It's too pretty to worry about lol. Tomorrow I will show you swatches of my underwear, Zoya Zuza.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

More blog maintenance!

Hey everyone, just a quick note to let you know I've installed Intense Debate with CommentLuv for better commenting for those of you who are not on Blogger! None of my previous posts will have the new comment system, but this one should. Please let me know if it gives you any trouble!

Thanks my lovelies! xoxo

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Layla Hologram Effect casts a Mermaid Spell!

Good afternoon and Happy Humpday everyone! I hope your day has flown by as fast as mine has, I'm still getting used to a 4 day work week but it gets easier every day. Tomorrow is my Friday, yay!

Today I'm going to show you the mani I am currently wearing, my NOTW if you will, Layla Hologram Effect in Mermaid Spell. Normally I wouldn't have purchased this, at only 10mL I'm too cheap to shell out $15, but I did anyway out of frustration when I failed yet again to find Butter London
Lillibet's Jubilee at my local Ulta. The coupon I had in my pocket helped make the decision for me, as usual.

LED Lighting: (It turns out what I thought was fluorescent light is in actuality LED, oops!)

Mermaid Spell is a linear holographic polish with a light blue/green tint that looks mostly like a light blue. I wanted Jade but it is such a washed out green it looked almost plain silver, so I  opted for this one and I'm happy I did. Mermaid Spell is different from any of my other holo shades (I'll show you all some day!).

The instructions on the bottle recommend applying this lacquer on buffed bare nails. You can even purchase a little Layla file, found on the display, if you wish. I however have my aqua base from my Jessica Cos. Disco Diva set and opted to use it instead. I cannot stand to go without my base coats so I applied Seche Recondition and Gelous before adding two coats of my aqua base. I made
sure they were completely dry before applying Mermaid Spell.

What you see here is three coats of lacquer. The first was very sheer, the second still left a hint of VNL (not usually a problem for me but in the case of holo, I cannot abide), and the third coat was for good measure and gave me coverage I was happy with. I waited until each coat was fully dry before adding another. I also added a coat of Seche Vite because I thoroughly believe in top coat (and
I'm spoiled by the quick dry) even if it is ill-advised for linear holos like this one. Some say it diminishes the effect of the holo, I say look for yourselves and see if you can tell.

For these photos I stitched pairs together, one side top coated and the other before I applied it. Now, tell me if you can pick the top coated photos. The more I look the easier it is to see a slight difference but in all
honesty it could be my crappy iPhone pictures pumping out slightly blurry, low quality photos. One of these days I'll save up enough to get a nice DSLR so I can take slightly blurry, high quality photos! Maybe one day when I get a real job. :)

I will be sure to reveal which pictures showcase the top-coated nails at the
bottom of this post. No peeking!

Incandescent Lighting:

One thing I really liked about the Layla polish, is that even though it is a linear holographic polish it doesn't look flat and lifeless in incandescent/lamp lighting. You can see in the following photos that there is still dimension on the nail and even a little of the linear holo is visible. That in and of itself scores mega points with me.

Jessica Cosmetics Disco Diva, a silver linear holo, was next to hideous in regular lighting. It just looked flat and boring. You can see my swatch of Disco Diva HERE! Luckily the drabness of regular lighting on DD was overcome by the sheer magnitude of holo. Mermaid Tale, on the other hand, is pretty in all lighting and may even be worth the extra cost. Posting all this good news about this lacquer is making me want to go back for Jade!


Mermaid Tale in the sunlight is mind blowing and I've caught myself a few times distracting myself at work when I should be paying attention to other, far more important, things. So, yesterday, when I got home from work I snapped a photo in the afternoon sun to show off the holo brilliance. A'int she a 'beaut?

Please pardon my dry skin and cuticles, being out in the field all day is taking its toll on my hands and nails! Sadly I've had several breaks and I'm sure I'll be soon sporting much shorter nails for the duration of the summer. *sigh*


How about some non-nail, blog related, news?! I don't know how you guys all read my blog, but mostly I do my reading through Google Reader. I'm either a GFC subscriber, have subscribed to an RSS feed through the same reader, or have manually entered your blog/tumblr's web address. But like I said, I have no clue how you guys read me. SO, what I would like you to do today if you have the time, is to click through and take a peek around.

I've renovated the place!

I've been fussing with my blog layout and design trying to make it more closely fit my personality rather than using one of the plain blogger templates, I would love to know what you think. I have no html or css skill so this is just the final result of tweaking what blogger has provided. Your honest opinion will mean the world to me! Is the chevron pattern too busy for your eyes? Is the white font on grey difficult to read, would larger text help? Is my screen size/width too large for easy viewing? I have a very large widescreen monitor so I can't tell how it looks on smaller screens.

How about the way I've laid out this post? I've been wanting to try the wrap-around text with photos to the side for ever, but it was a terrible pain in the ass to format this afternoon! This post would have been up hours ago had it not been such a pain. (Nevermind on this one, as much as I like the way this looks, it is far too much trouble for me to fuck with.) A big ol' sad face on that.

And finally, lest I forget, I created a twitter for this blog! You can find my "Follow Me" button up top and to the side if you are interest in interacting via the twitterverse. I'm new to this arena so check me out! I'll be sure to follow you back. :)  My handle is @onceuponapolish

P.S. Photos on the left are without top coat, photos on the right are with.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Spotted: Orly Flash Glam FX Collection!

Happy Friday lovelies! I don't have a manicure to show you this afternoon since I've spent the last day or so settling back in at home. It seems that I have a habit of editing several posts worth of material and then going on a posting spree, leaving myself nothing to show you once I've blown through them all! What a terrible cycle I've got myself into. Shame on me! ;) Don't worry, I'm slowly but surely working my way into becoming a better and more consistent blogger.

Ok, on to the goodies! Yesterday afternoon I made up an excuse to get out of the house so I could make my way to Sally's Beauty in order to use a coupon before it expired (and to pick up some groceries). I was hoping to come across some China Glaze Neons, but instead I came across these bad Larry's...

Orly's new Flash Glam FX Collection:

In order - Mermaid Tale, Spazmatic, Can't Be Tamed, Be Brave, and Sashay My Way.

While I was excited to have come across the new display of a set of polished I hadn't even seen swatched (till today - see what I saw HERE), I was disappointed in the collection as a whole. Each one of these seems like something we've seen before from other recent collections! To be honest, I was hoping and kind of expecting flakies out of this collection.

The tag line for this collection is to layer this over black for different effects (hence, my expectation for flakies), but as you can see from the top picture the side-by-side color spoons don't look that differ at all.

In the end, I walked out of Sally's with Mermaid Tale because it looked the most unique. And I had a killer coupon, let's not forget. I won't lie, but I think I will eventually cave and get Spazmatic and Can't Be Tamed because I have a weakness for glitter. But you can bet your arse I won't be paying full retail, I am the queen of online bargain shopping for polish!

So, what do you think of these glitters? Will you buy any?

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