Thursday, January 17, 2013

Clouds with OPI DS Original

Hi guys (and gals of course)! I hope your week is going swimmingly, mine is all over the place. Why, oh why, did I ever think that graduating and going to work full time would leave me with a regular schedule and a routine?? lol My days are as hectic as ever but at least now I'm bringing home paychecks! So, for that I apologize for being so behind on replying to all of your wonderful comments. I'm out in the field all day and don't have cell reception to play on the internets. Bummer, I know. And my computer is a desktop tucked away in a spare bedroom so I end up sequestering myself in with my computer during spare moments I find throughout the evening. I wonder, does life get busier as we get older or we just have more to do? 

Today's mani is featuring another one of the polishes I snagged from my mom's place when I was house sitting for her over the holidays, OPI DS Original, a beautiful light purple holo. Look at the beautiful clouds! Well you can try at least, they're a little hard to see with this monochromatic combo.

Look, I got some sunshine!

To conserve my mamma's precious DS I layered two coats of OPI DS Original over two coats of OPI Do You Lilac It?, one of my all time favorite OPI's and purple polishes.  DS Original is an old formula polish and let me just say that this sucker took forever to dry! In fact, it may have never dried truly. I ended up taking it off by the end of the day because going to the bathroom was a struggle all afternoon. No flippin' bueno. Like I said when I showed OPI DS Sapphire (post found HERE), there are so many holos out here I can't see justifying the cost of hunting this pretty down on ebay - not worth it to me. I've got my eyes set on some cheaper and more available holos now that they're out there. But in the mean time let's all gawk at the spectacular beauty I had the pleasure of sporting on my nails.

Look, more sunshine!

So what are y'all's plans for this weekend, anything special going on? Do you get Monday off for the MLK holiday? I might be going to a minor league hockey game on Saturday night, but other than that my goals for this weekend include sleeping in at least once and maybe dusting, if my furniture is so lucky. I know, boring! lol Oh, and doing my nails... definitely doing my nails. <3


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