Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Enchanted Polish "Hey Jude" with Stamping

Hi guys! Firstly, I want to say wow to the amazing response to both my giveaway and my blog sale update and a big fat thank you to the ladies who've purchased items as well as all of my awesome new followers across various platforms. I pledge to live up to your expectations and give you all some top notch manicures! Also, I have to say I've really enjoyed reading the feedback I've been getting on what you'd like to see more of here on OUaP... and I can't wait to address everything when I announce winners. Who knew a butterLONDON giveaway would be such a HUGE success!?

Today I've got a stamping mani for you to gawk at using none other than Sinful Colors Beau Khaki (HA! gets me to snickering every time.) and Enchanted Polish "Hey Jude." I used this combo recently to do another stamping mani where I used Beau Khaki as a base and stamped with "Hey Jude," you can check that out HERE if you'd like. You'll have to tell me which combo you prefer.

For this mani I applied two coats of Enchanted Polish "Hey Jude," a coat of Seche Vite, and stamped a neat leaf design found on Lealac XL plate LLC-A using Sinful Colors Beau Khaki. I finished it up with another layer of SV to dry it all up. Its spectacular if I say so myself, I'm positively smitten with this combo. I'm not sure what happened between stamping and adding a second coat of SV though, a sort of wrinkled effect showed up under some of the stamp designs. Weird. No matter, I love it anyway!

I'm loving "Hey Jude" so much that it gets it own post to showcase its insane awesomeness, so be on the lookout for it shortly! Again, thanks so much for the overwhelmingly positive responses and feedback you've all given during this giveaway - you're all so incredible.

On a side note, and completely unrelated, I finished my marathon of Portlandia this weekend... OMG... The dream of the 90's really is alive in Portland! I wish I had the IFC channel so I could watch new episodes. The same goes for HBO and the new season of Game of Thrones that's due shortly.  Toodles!


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