Friday, January 25, 2013

My picks from the Mariah Carey Collection - Liquid Sands + Stamping NOTD

Hi guys, happy Friday! Are you ready for the weekend? I know I am! It hasn't been as crazy for me as last week was but get this, the other night I slept for twelve hours straight. It was glorious. I'm still having trouble adjusting to a "grown up" schedule of going to bed at a regular time each night and getting up in the morning before dawn is just retched. Anyway, to kick off this weekend right I've got this week's NOTD - a manicure I sported for most of the week featuring two polishes from the OPI Mariah Carey Collection: Stay The Night and Sprung.

Here's my finished manicure the night I did it, Stay The Night is one of OPI's new Liquid Sands polishes and the only one that has interested me so far. Stay The Night is a blackened jelly with red glitters while Sprung is a bronzy-coppery microshimmer that strongly reminds me of Jessica Cos. Pumpkin Delight or OPI Pros And Bronze.

For this manicure I applied two coats of each polish, Stay The Night and Sprung, before stamping Sprung with Konad Special Black and LeaLac plate LLC-B.

Pro tip: when applying the liquid sands polishes, I recommend allowing for generous drying time on the first coat. You don't need the first coat to be completely dry, just set up enough that application of the second coat doesn't cause dragging. Those little sandy bits in the polish are what give it texture when fully dry and also what will give you grief if you don't wait a little for drying time between coats.

Here's my manicure the next day when Stay The Night was completely and fully cured or dry. I hadn't expected to enjoy this finish at all but all that says to me is that I should stop assuming what I will and won't like until I try it! This finish also makes scratching itches sooo much more enjoyable! lol The texture isn't what I would call rough and definitely isn't gritty like dried glitter, possibly a more accurate description would be to say that it feels grainy. I love it and can't wait to get my hands on the gold shade from OPI's upcoming Softshades Collection.

Another surprise to me was how well Stay The Night held up out in the field. My job requires that I get down in the dirt and my hands take a bit of a beating (you might notice the scratch on my pinkie finger up above - that came from a rather angry and thorny shrub) and the Liquid Sands held up wonderfully! Also worth noting here is how EASY removal of the Liquid Sands polish was, no fighting of the glitter was required! That right there wins me over no questions asked.

And lastly, here's my manicure after it was freshly applied - before any stamping and definitely before Stay The Night had come close to being fully dry. Sprung is a gorgeous microshimmer that I'll have to compare to the two shades I mentioned previously. Sprung's application was also easy peasy.

Alrighty everyone have a fabulous weekend and be excellent to each other! Its been rainy and overcast here in Vegas the last few days so I plan on spending some serious time in my jammies cuddled on the couch with a fire in the hearth this weekend. What about you, any plans lined up?


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