Monday, January 7, 2013

OPI Tomorrow Never Dies - 007 Skyfall Collection

Good morning! After yesterday's lengthy and picture heavy post today I'm going to be short, sweet, and highlight my NOTD - OPI Tomorrow Never Dies. Which, as it so happens, I find to be the world's most absolutely perfect blue toned violet shimmer. Ga-ga-gorgeous. Formula was divine and I had almost no cleanup! I'm excited to see how lovely this looks in the sun and I'll update this post in the afternoon to share.

How was everyone's weekend? Somehow I managed to be both lazy and kick but cleaning the house. Each morning I woke up super early but lounged in bed until 9 and enjoyed most of the mornign doing blog photo editing while sipping hot coffee in my fuzzy robe before doing anything else substantial for the day! It was a delight. Sunday night around 4:30/5ish I picked up a second wind and deep cleaned my master bathroom and ticked off a few other to-do's from my never ending list. Cleaning the bathroom is always a major accomplishment for me, its the one household chore I loathe more than hand washing dishes. Chalk that up to living with a man... they're so gross. lol On that note, I'll check in later with a sun shot and I swear I'll sit down to reply to comments!


Oh, and P.S. Did anyone else watch the season premier of Downton Abbey last night??


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