Saturday, January 5, 2013

OPI What's With The Cattitude? and DS Sapphire

Hey guys, guess what!? I survived my first days at my new job and so far I'm loving it. I've sort of been thrown in without a whole lot of training but that's due to the fact that I worked with this company for several weeks over the summer and I am already familiar with what they do and how they do it. Basically, the last two days I've been hiking around in the desert searching out markers indicating where a fence will be built in the future and recording their locations with GPS. Sounds exciting, huh?

I really wanted to blog each night when I got home (well, in the afternoon) but got distracted and caught up in other household things, so today you're getting a twofer! For days I wondered and thought hard about the mani I wanted to wear my first day. Its a tough choice, I want to wear something that will make me happy but not be too flashy or draw too much attention to me. This job doesn't have a nail dress code or anything like that but I like to be respectful... at first. :) Anyway, since I'm house sitting for my mom while she's been out of town for the holiday (I have two moms in case you haven't noticed me talking about them doing things in two different places) I took the opportunity to "borrow" some of her polishes that I've been eyeballing for a long time. She refuses to hand them over *cough* give *cough* so I took advantage of the situation. 

HI MOM! I know you won't really be able to read this until you get home, but I love you! And thanks for lending me your polishes!

Ok, moving on. It just so happens that my mom owns my number one lemming, What's With The Cattitude? Yes, I know there are other, possibly more worthy, polishes out there worth lemming but this one is a polish I seem to have an issue just purchasing on ebay - especially now that a bottle will run you around forty bucks. No thank you. But I've wanted it since the beginning of time. You know I've got a thing for blues. So, for the time being... #1 Lemming: SATISFIED! If only temporarily. Mom, can I keep it.... pleeeeeease!?

Formula wise, I was actually a little disappointed. What's With The Cattitude? is watery and thin and required three coats at minimum to reach this heavenly shade of blue. Who cares. This shit is pretty and I'm loving every second of having it in my possession. Not looking forward to returning this.

So there you have it, the polish I wore on my first day of work at my new job, check out how spectacular it looks in the sun! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain aka my chapped-as-hell hands, working in the field makes it hard to keep moisturized.

Now, ready for day two? For my second day of work I decided to layer OPI DS Sapphire over What's With The Cattitude? to add a little sparkle and what-what! This choice was also dictated by the fact that my mom is due home Monday evening and my last house check-up is tomorrow. Sneaky I know.

Formula on OPI DS Sapphire is thin and smelly and frankly, even though it is gorgeous in its own right, there are holos out there now that beat the pants off this polish. I layered two coats of DS Sapphire over WWTC? to conserve my mom's bottle out of respect. Disappointingly, the holo is scattered linear. Perhaps I was expecting too much?

Here's a lovely shot in the sun. You'll notice that I'm more decently moisturized here, I just put on sunscreen. My top coat did a little shrinking overnight so the edges curled up on a few nails. Sad face. I'm still wearing these because they're just so pretty and expensive so I need to get decent wear time out of them or I'll feel wasteful.

Oh, and check out this mountain. It looks like an innocent and unassuming hill, but in reality it is a small mountain at the foot of an even bigger mountain to the right. See the shaded areas? That's where the markers disappeared and also where we found a tortoise burrow... with a sleeping tortoise in it! There was scat present (poop) so we could tell it was in there. Ok, I'm getting distracted. What I wanted to share is that we hiked up, over, and around this small mountain looking for the markers. This is why I was too pooped to blog and why my legs feel like jelly. 

Alright ladies and gents, I hope you have a great weekend! I'm slowly but surely getting my act together after my folks left last week and plan on posting about our adventures soon. Oh, and a giveaway is in the works... and long overdue!


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