Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sinful Colors Beau Khaki with Stamping

Hi everyone! I've miraculously got today off and I'm using it to recover from yesterday's marathon at work. We were doing clearance transects for nine hours! I took a super hot shower as soon as I got home last night and needless to say, my legs are like jelly today. No complaints though, I'm happy to be working in a field that I love - this experience is golden.

Today I'm going to show you another polish I found in the Sinful Colors Haute Rebel display recently, Beau Khaki. Umm... do you hear what I hear?? Or am I the only one with a twisted and dirty mind?? Here's my advice, don't do a google search. Aside from the barely veiled reference to _____, I hear Beau Khaki is a pretty close dupe for Chanel Khaki Vert. 

I don't have the Chanel to compare but, SCORE! I'm able to spend my hard earned $$ on butterLONDON and Deborah Lippmann now, but still use some sort of coupon or ebates to justify it. I haven't been able to breach the $20 mark for a single bottle yet... I might be close though. No, I must resist.

For this mani I applied two effortless coats of Beau Khaki, the formula was perfect and it dried to a high shine. I wanted to do color on color stamping so I reached for one of my untrieds, Enchanted Polish "Hey Jude." I've had this for a few months after snagging it during Harlow & Co.'s restock but I'm not sure why it took me so long to pull it out. I'd hazard to guess it had something to do with being purchased while I didn't actually have the time to polish my nails! 

I'll just say it now, before I even prep the post that highlights this polish on its own, "Hey Jude" is simply amazing and I'm head over heals. Green, duochrome, holo, and Beatles themed!? J'adore.

I wasn't sure if "Hey Jude" would be a good polish to stamp with but over green it turned out lovely and subtle. I used Lealac plate LLC-A for the little leaves, aren't they cute?

Now, I'm off to reply to a heaping pile of comments that have stacked up! Thanks everyone for all the love recently. <3


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