Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stamping with Enchanted Polish "Across The Universe"

Hi guys, happy Saturday! I'm getting ready to take a soak to ease my weary muscles after two very long days out in the wilderness. It sure is gorgeous out there but man, 12 hour days back to back wear a girl out! Luckily I get this three day weekend to rest up a bit before heading back out there. 

Today I want to share with you a manicure I wore right around New Years. I did this manicure probably right after I did my stamping manicure with "Hey Jude," I was in a testing mood and wanted to see if these polishes would stamp well. I love monochromatic stamping and to my great satisfaction "Across The Universe" stamps wonderfully.

I used LeaLac XL plate LLC-B for this pattern. Its far too big for my small nails and reminds me of 60's psychedelics (I'll have to do a multi-colored stamp with neons to show you guys!) but on my nails it looks like rainbow scales!

These pictures aren't the best but they show the amazing color shift of "Across The Universe" as it translates on the nail with this stamping pattern - its just killer! I tried to get a decent outdoor/sunshine photo but failed miserably, these are much better.

Here's my base color, two coats of Sinful Colors Mesmerize  I don't remember what display this was in originally but I got it ages ago, several months ago possibly. Either way, this gorgeous indigo creme applied flawlessly and dried to a very high shine. What's not to love?

So tell me fearless readers, any fun plans for this weekend? We're going to a hockey game tonight and dinner with some friends, BBQ yeah!!  Other than that, you can bet your purdy arses that I'll be zoning out on some Game of Thrones with my Kindle. And laundry... always with the endless laundry!



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