Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Stamping - Inspired by a book I'm reading!

Good morning everyone! It's been a long time since I've been able to participate in a Sunday Stamping challenge, it feels like forever. But when I saw the voting options earlier this week I cast my vote and crossed my fingers that the choice I wanted would win out because I knew exactly what I would do for it. Lo and behold, it did! So here we are with my manicure inspired by The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

Here's what I came up with! For this look I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls as underwear and Glitterally The Best Silver Ever (an Ulta exclusive for Summer 2011), China Glaze Adventure Red-y, Konad Special Black, and Bundle Monster plates BM-301 and BM-323.

I draw my particular inspiration from both the book cover and from several major physical elements in the book, namely the black and white nature of the circus itself "Le Cirque de Rêves." The circus itself is conducted entirely in black and white including the tents and all of the performers attire  the only color seen within the gates is that of the patrons clothing. The circus gathers a cult following known as the rêveurs who attend the circus as frequently as possible, they wear black with only a hint of color - red - to identify themselves with one another.

Since the cover of the book is both glossy and satin/matte, I dug out my matte topcoat to change it up. I think I might like it better matte!

This novel was published in September of 2011 so it isn't exactly new and maybe you've already had a chance to read it if you're an avid reader. My particular copy was given to me this Christmas by my Grandmother and I'm a little more than halfway through reading it. So far I'm really enjoying it. Since we're on the topic of books, I'm on Goodreads! If you want to be book buddies check me out HERE. I want to get more involved with this as I think it will help me pay more attention to what I'm reading since I have a habit of reading multiple books at a time and setting one down in the middle to pick up another I'm halfway though. You might notice I haven't updated in a while... I'm working on it. :)

Here's my manicure before I added a topcoat. I'm always a little nervous about adding topcoat to my stamping for fear of smears and smudges, but as you saw above I was successful! By the way, does anyone have a recommendation for an opaque red stamping polish? I discovered last night that I didn't have Konad in red.

I kind of like how this looks with just the stripes, why haven't I pulled out this stamp before!? It was perfect for this manicure.

Here's two coats of OPI Glitterally The Best Silver Ever over a single coat of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. Glitterally The Best Silver Ever is an interesting polish, it has small silver hex glitter swimming in a milky base. But looks are decieving, that milky base is actually a super fine and dense silver shimmer. Its so dense in fact it seriously obscures the glitters from the first coat. I bought this on a whim back in the day and never really wore it for just that reason. But it works perfect for this manicure since several elements in the story involve ice crystals and icy sparkle.

So there you have it folks, I hope you like my fairly literal interpretation of this week's Sunday Stamping challenge - inspired by a book I'm reading. I was so excited to execute this manicure and thrilled it turned out just the way I'd envisioned it in my mind. That doesn't often happen! lol 

Au Revoir mon amis!  (That's what you get for two semesters of French! I moved on to Latin...)


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