Sunday, February 24, 2013

Barry M Indigo + Girly Bits Shift Happens

Hi everybody, long time no polish eh? How's everyone doing this weekend? I'm in a bit of a weird place right now but I thought I would muster enough focus to show you a NOTD I sported at the end of January. Miss Lesley, a good polish friend of mine sent me a package around the holidays as a sort of graduation/holiday gift and it took forever to reach me since it ended up in the next state over, returned to her, and eventually re-mailed. C'mon U.S. Postal System, get it together! Anyway, she's such a doll and sent me Barry M Indigo and biscuits for my dogs. And some amazing Ghirardelli chocolates. They were sooo tasty.

Here is two coats of Barry M Indigo, the formula was creamy and easy to apply, I had no issues during cleanup, and as a bonus it dries super shiny without any top coat. Oh, and no staining upon removal. You know I love me a blue creme, way to go Lesley!

For funsies I added a single coat of Girly Bits Shift Happens over Indigo for that "Unicorn Pee" look we all love. Gawk and enjoy!

These next two photos aren't the best IMO, one is washed out/over exposed and the other is faded out since I had to lighten it. I wanted to show you that hint of green shift that comes out at extreme angles from Shift Happens. I had planned to do some stamping over this design but unfortunately plans get derailed. In this case it was my breakup. More on that later.

So here's the deal ladies and gents, I'm having the worst time finding motivation to do anything more than get up for work in the morning. I thank my lucky stars that I have such an amazing and fulfilling job and stellar coworkers who have been nothing but the best kind of support. My friends, both in "real" life and here in the polish community have rallied around me in a way that I've never experienced before. I feel forever grateful and indebted to the people who have reached out.

I think its obvious that this life event has impacted me to a level I've never known possible. While I feel moments of happiness daily, at the end of each day when I come home I feel like a zombie. Or robotic, as if I'm only going through the motions. Sleep, work, shower, eat if possible, repeat. Sleep doesn't come easy and daylight comes too early each morning. I don't feel as if I am in a full blown state of depression but I am struggling to find happiness in all of the things that once put smiles on my face. Yes, I enjoy the things I do while I am doing them but it is so hard to do them in the first place. Like my nails.

The manicure I've shown in this post was what I was wearing when the course of my life changed. I almost just trashed these pictures rather than reliving that day through this post. Its funny, Friday night I almost stamped this manicure like I had been intending but opted to sit on the couch with my now ex giggling about funny animal photos on BuzzFeed. I figured I would get around to it some time Saturday afternoon. Instead, I spent my Saturday packing my belongings.

As of today I have managed three manicures since letting this one rot off, two of which I've managed to photograph. Only I don't have a photo setup anymore, or a place to do manicures at all. I mean to buy a lamp but don't find the motivation to schlep to Target and buy one. I'm still in various states of unpacking. I've binged on lots of polish as retail therapy. I think of this blog often but barely manage to function as its author. Emails have gone unreplied to, packages unsent. Every day I intend to be productive and fail. I'm being crippled by a bone deep sadness.

I know in my heart that there is a light at the end of the tunnel however, and I'm moving closer to reaching it each day but it is a slow and tiresome journey. I'm doing all in my power to embrace this change in a positive way and it is working bit by bit but again, it is a slow process and I am an impatient woman. Ultimately my point to all of this rambling is this: I love this blog and the people I've met and made friends with because of it and won't be abandoning OUaP any time soon. Even though my posting and responses may be sporadic or infrequent, I am only trying to recover.

So, until next time (which I hope will be sooner rather than later) please enjoy some more photos of my work in the field:

Snow fog... or are they just low lying clouds?  It was cold.

3 to 4 foot tall Buckhorn Cholla cactus... its a cactus jungle out there.

Hoards of Banana Yucca - these suckers are very pointy and my thigh has a scab to prove it.

Small mammal burrows, snake trails, and fox tracks in the sand.


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