Sunday, March 10, 2013

Color Club Halo Hues - Cherubic NOTD

Hello and good evening everyone! I know its late but it has been another busy week and I'm here to show you another lovely gift from a friend, Frosso at Lacquer Me Silly! Frosso sent me Cherubic, a Color Club Halo Hue, an insanely perfect nude linear holo. *SWOON* I die.

Somehow, Cherubic manages to be the perfect nude for my skin tone and a warm neutral holo. Its so much better than a silver holo, any day of the week. I wore two coats for this manicure that applied flawlessly, I have absolutely no complaints, only pure adoration. Application, cleanup, and removal were all a breeze and wear time is amazing at well over a week for me. Not to mention I get lots of complements on this. <3 Oh, and I've worn this several times in the last month. Its that special.

This week has been a roller coaster for me emotionally. One minute I'm doing well and being my own cheerleader and the next I'm losing sleep at night sobbing well into the early hours of the morning. That in and of itself drives me bonkers. There is an incredible amount of pain involved in being unceremoniously pushed out of the life you knew and dreamed of, not to mention finding out that you just aren't loved anymore. Whatever bullshit that is. Through the help and counsel of friends I find that maybe I am reaching a point where I can commit (to myself) to just disconnecting myself from this person entirely. Blocked on Facebook so his now "happy" life doesn't show up in my feed. No more texts. No more calls. No more pretending we can be friendly. No more communication - he doesn't deserve it. And it wrecks my day. Its always me that reaches out anyway, and I don't want to demean myself that way any longer.

In other, exercise related news, I tried an aerial silks class at a local climbing gym yesterday morning and oh my god I have discovered muscle groups that not even yoga enlightened me to before! Did you know that there were muscles in your armpits that could even get sore?? Today I'm moving at "80 year old lady" speed, aka slow motion. No matter how crazy this soreness is I recommend this workout to everyone, its so much fun! I also bought a few supplies in preparation for PUPPYGEDDON 2013, otherwise known as the day Bette comes home with me. I also got some much needed squee's in at the pet supply store making googly eyes at all the fluffy critters. And lizards.

I know I'm rambling a little now but it is so cathartic to share this stuff with you guys as I work through it. One of these days I'll sit myself down for a swatch-a-thon and show you all some of the goodies I've been stockpiling. Toodles for now!


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