Sunday, March 31, 2013

Winter is coming... A blue GOT lover's NOTD

Good evening everybody, have you all been enjoying your holiday weekend. Whether you celebrate Christian or Jewish faiths, or just spiritualism, humanism, or atheism... we can all enjoy a lovely weekend with family. The bulk of my family is in the midwest, Indiana to be exact, and my dad has been sending me a series of pictures/texts bragging about their yummy feasting. I'm super jealous since I had yogurt and granola for lunch today. Still delicious, but not a juicy ham. Mmmm pork. Moving on...

So, tonight is the season premier of Game of Thrones and I am SO EXCITED! Only, not really since I don't have HBO and even if I did I have to get up at 4 am Monday morning for work. Anyone want to watch it and Skype with me?? Ok, well I'm kidding about that but I do have a manicure to show you tonight that is GOT appropriate.

Tonight I've got Essie Butler Please and Smitten Polish Winter Is Coming, both polishes being gifts from lovely ladies doing their best to raise my spirits when my heart was broken. In fact, this manicure is from way back in February. Butler Please was a gift from Nicole at Polish Me, Please! and Winter Is Coming was a gift from Amanda Mae at Mae's Beauty. If I remember correctly I'm wearing two coats of each polish, but just to be safe there might be three coats of Winter Is Coming. Wear time was great on the Smitten Polish (it wore like IRON) but Butler Please didn't hold up in the field quite as long. In fact, it was chipping off after about three days which is unusual for any of my manicures. A week long manicure is standard for me so this was a surprise.

In other news, PUPPYGEDDON (also known as the day Bette comes home) is in T minus 5 days. Can you believe it!? I'm excited and nervous and hoping I've done everything I can to prep for her arrival. Remind me to pick up puppy food... I think that's all I'm missing at this point. 

Have a great week everyone!


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