Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Polish Days - 7 Deadly Sins

Hi guys & dolls, how's it going on this fine Tuesday? Here in Southern Nevada we're experiencing the typical crazy spring weather, one day in the high to mid eighties and the next blowing 60mph winds and rain in the low sixties. Fun stuff! The bright side is that I got off of work super early yesterday so I could spend some quality time with my little pup, Bette! Yep, that's right, I got a puppy! I'll share some photos down at the bottom of this post, they're from instagram but still awesome if you haven't seen them yet. <3

Now, if you read as many nail blogs as I do I'm sure you're aware that today is another installation of Polly Polish's Polish Days! I didn't get to participate recently due to my nail-blogging-hermit-itis but now I'm ready to go. This month's theme is 7 Deadly Sins: "Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride. Unless you're a saint there's a chance you're guilty of at least one."

For my Polish Days mani I decided to go with a theme that I believe represents each and every one of The Sins in one respect or another, money... dirty money. People go bonkers over the stuff, something that only represents the idea - the concept - of value. What we value, what we don't. Us polish fiends fork over handfuls of our cash in the name of physical beauty. A form of beauty expression that very few people even take the time to notice. Outside of our sphere, all across the globe regardless of social status, education, occupation, or culture, people murder, lie, cheat, and steal all in the name of putting more cash in their pocket. But what does money get us, anything we want? What about what we can't have... how far will some go to get it? BAM! Dirty Money.

On my right hand I did a skittle mani using a handful of untrieds aquired during my retail therapy stage of heartbreak recovery, let's break it down! 
  • Dirt:  On my thumb and index finger I used OPI What Wizardry Is This?, three coats I believe even though it only really needed two to be opaque. 
  • You can't shine shit but you can roll it in glitter:  I added two coats of Gealous and a coat of SV to give my index finger some shine. 
  • The green stuff:  On my middle and ring finger I did a sponge gradient with Illamasqua Venous and Sinful Colors Calypso on a base of Venous. 
  • I like gooooooold:  Over the gradient I dabbed on a single thick coat of OPI The Man With The Golden Gun 18K Gold Top Coat on my middle finger. 
  • No gold in Fort Knox:  My ring finger was stamped using aEngland Holy Grail (new version) and Winstonia plate W112.
  • Elvis' velvet wallpaper:  Pinkie is two incredible coats of aEngland Holy Grail stamped with Konad Special Polish in Gold Black using Winstonia plate W112.


On my left hand I kept it simple with two luscious coats of aEngland Holy Grail. I never bought the first version because it was way too yellow for me but this dirty olive gold wins me over every time! It removes like a foil.

How gorgeous is this in the sun!?

For funsies, here's a list of polishes used: aEngland Holy Grail, OPI What Wizardry Is This?, OPI The Man With The Golden Gun (super awesome and random Ulta score utilizing a major coupon), Illamasqua Venous, and lastly Sinful Colors Calypso.

As if you haven't scrolled through enough photos... prepare to squee... meet Bette the Weimaraner! Bette came home Saturday afternoon and has been a very busy girl settling in to her new home, terrorizing a geriatric Shih Tzu, three unsuspecting and wide eyed kitties, and snuggling in my lap. Also, she's a big fan of belly rubs. *love*

Now that you've had your daily fill of Squee, check out the other amazing manicures created for this month's Polish Days!


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