Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Lacquer Ring - Orange

Good morning everyone, and welcome to the second installment of The Lacquer Ring! The first challenge in May is the color orange, chosen by Nicole from Polish Me, Please! Just a quick reminder of how this whole shebang works before we begin: each month has two challenges, the first being a color and the second being a design or theme of some sort. And lets not forget the other amazing women participating: Cynthia from Of Life and Lacquer, Frosso from Lacquer Me Silly, Siobhan from For the Love of Nail Art, Amy from The Fancy Side, Nicole from Polish Me, Please!, Amanda from Mae's Beauty, and last but not least - our non-blogger friend, Lesley, who's got a sweet Instagram account.

Now, as you read this I'm probably daydreaming at work of how comfortable my bed is and how much I miss it. I'm truly exhausted. This week might possibly be the most productive week I've had in my adult life. Since Sunday afternoon I've managed to paint and trim my living room (two coats primer then two coats paint), have living room furniture delivered, mow/weed eat the grass in my backyard, clean the pool, give my dog a bath, put a new set of tires on my jeep, and finally arranging my new living room. Today's Thursday, right??


Check out my mani, I'm digging it. I didn't realize how bright it is until looking at the photos on my computer. Even if there is a bit if a ridiculous story behind it. Polishes used include Butter London Primrose Hill and Essie Brazilliant (a polish that has literally sat in my untried drawer for years).


So, get this... I am a polish blogger and hobbyist and I managed to start this endeavor without checking to see if I had all of my supplies stocked. Yep, you might've guessed it, I ran out of acetone after removing three fingers worth of my old manicure. Sigh. Luckily I managed to salvage a few drops from the sadly empty bottle for cleanup. But, at one point after searching the house to no avail, I was fully prepared to show off my manicure skills sans cleanup. 


Now, because I started after 10 last night and it's currently 1am, I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Be sure to check out my girls' manis too! Our link up is down below. Peace out. ✌️



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